Month: October 2014

A bigger slice of the PIE Demo Day: eBay Community Lounge volunteers to host simulcast

When we started PIE five years ago, we were very much focused on trying to enrich the Portland startup community. So when we converted from a coworking space to an accelerator, we decided to remain true to those roots. Part of that was making our Demo Days a little different. Instead of making it purely an investor invent, we wanted it to be a community event. Read More

Couldn't make the trip to Bend? No worries. They're livestreaming the Bend Venture Conference this year.

One of the best and longest running venture capital events in the state is the Bend Venture Conference. But for some of us—be it pending demo days or simply overbooked schedules—it can be hard to tear away from work to visit central Oregon. That’s why I’m happy to see that BVC is livestreaming their event this year. Read More

Training partner: Athletepath partners with Under Armour's MapMyFitness to help racers train from race to race

Portland startup Athletepath has become the go to source for amateur competitive athletes to track their progress and share their results from race to race. But what about all of that training time in between? Well, get ready to be happy. Athletepath has partnered with MapMyFitness to make sure you’re covered. Read More

Portland Startup Week: It's like Design Week Portland but with even more startup awesomeness

It’s no secret that Portland loves its Startup Weekends. (In fact, there’s another one coming up November 14-16.) But sometimes, a weekend is a little too short. Okay. Who am I kidding? Weekends are always too short. That’s why I’m happy to announce that we’ve been working behind the scenes to put together Portland Startup Week. Read More

Now that dismissive wave of your hand can do more than express your opinion of the song, it can change the tune

Local startup OnTheGo Platforms knows gestures. They spend all day, every day, thinking about gestures. And how waving your hands, pointing at things, and making motions can help you interact with devices around you. Their latest effort ensures that you can dismiss that song playing through your car stereo with the greatest of ease. Read More

Finding something else on which to chew: Meatspaces creator Edna Piranha hands off gif chat project

Portland is pretty in tune with the experimental uses of technology. It’s our hobbyist culture. We like to muck with stuff. And technology, for many of us, is just another brush with which to paint. Which is what I found so compelling about Meatspaces, a chat environment created by Portland’s Edna Piranha, that mixes in short form gifs snapped by your laptop camera. Read More

Pining for Pinterest? Take the chance to visit their Portland office as part of Design Week Portland

People are often surprised to hear how many awesome companies have a Portland presence. Mostly because they don’t tend to make a lot of noise about it. So it’s always nice to take opportunities to recognize them when they do. That’s why I’m excited that the Portland office of Pinterest is hosting an open house, tonight, as part of Design Week Portland. Read More

Explore the Mortality of Design during Design Week Portland

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: the lines which once divided the worlds of design and technology are at best gray. In reality, they’re nonexistent. Which is why Design Week Portland—the amazing week long series of design events that graces the city every year—is as important an event for tech folks as it is designers. Read More

How do you get your kid interested in programming, robotics, and engineering? New Relic FutureTalk with Arun Gupta

It’s no secret. There is a a dearth of technical talent plaguing many startups. Yes, I said “dearth.” One way to begin to solve the problem is simple: give kids the chance to explore technical topics. But how do you go about doing that? Well, Arun Gupta from Red Hat has a few ideas. And he’ll be sharing them at the next New Relic FutureTalk on Monday, October 13. Read More