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Getting personal: Lytics Personalization provides a simple way to customize content for a wide variety of web visitors

Remember back in the old days of the web? You know, back when “the Web” was actually a proper noun? When we all got served up the same silly banner advertisement or message every time we visited a site? With the prevalence of personalization the web now affords, that seems trite and dated. But it’s still not easy. Unless you’re using Portland startup Lytics’ newest offering, Lytics Personalization. Read More

Get a new iPhone over the holidays? Make sure it’s not toast. Or it is TOAST. Or whatever.

I always love when Portland gets its geeky mixed up with its crafty and builds beautiful, functional bling for high tech gadgetry.

The latest effort to cross my desk is TOAST, a custom wood veneer for the back of your iPhone 4. And by custom, they mean you can get as creative as you like—one off or otherwise. Read More