Be a designer of community: Marcelino Alvarez of Uncorked Studios

It’s only fitting, as I sit here in a hotel lobby in Kansas City following a couple of days of talking about startup communities and startup ecosystems, that I’m listening to Marcelino Alvarez of Portland’s Uncorked Studios talk about community.

But here’s the best part of that. He’s not here. It’s a video of a talk he gave at 99u. So he can talk to you about community, too. No matter where you are. All thanks to the magic of the inter webs.

In all seriousness, it’s well worth a few moments of your weekend. If you get a chance.

[Full disclosure: Uncorked Studios is a PIE alum and a cofounding partner of PIE Shop. I am the cofounder and general manger of PIE and PIE Shop.]