Some long listening for the long weekend: Rick Turoczy joins Saul Colt for the “We Now Join The Program Already In Progress” podcast

It’s a little weird when you meet someone who shares your birthday. It gets even weirder when that birthday is the exact same day. Like day, month, year. Same, same, same. And then, what if you were both working a similar sort of job? Now imagine putting those two — Libras, mind you — together on a podcast. And that’s pretty much what you get with Saul Colt’s “We now join the program already in progress” podcast — with me as a guest.

We Now Join The Program Already In Progress is an interview podcast with a catch. Just because the mic’s are hot doesn’t mean it will make it on the air. Our show starts cold when the host Saul Colt and the guest get into a nice groove. Sometimes that is immediately and sometimes that can be 30 mins in. The result is you get an interesting conversation between Saul Colt and people he loves and admires without the awkward time at the beginning waiting for people to get comfortable.

Now, fair warning, this is a bit of a mutual admiration society. And it goes on for a while. Like an hour. So put it on when you’ve got some time to listen.

Saul does a great job of asking some really pointed questions and getting me to talk about some perspectives on the Portland startup community that I haven’t really conceptualized or voiced before. It’s always refreshing to sit down with someone who is a truly solid interviewer. Because they draw that sort of thing out of you.

Like how he somehow inspired me to reveal my concept for an introvert conference. Which is still a work in progress.

Anyway, please take a listen if you’re interested. And if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to We now join the program already in progress.

And if you’re curious about the talk that Saul keeps referencing, you can watch my TEDxPortland talk, here. Look at that. I gave you audio AND video to keep you busy this weekend.

What’s that? You’re already a huge fan of podcasts? Well, I hope you’re attending Listen Up Portland, this weekend.