Care to comment on the Portland tech community? PDX Women In Tech wants to hear from 1000+ of you

Now in its third year, the PDX Women In Tech State of the Community survey continues to provide much needed insights into the dynamics of both the Portland startup community and the broader Portland tech community. But illuminating those insights is only possible if you take a few moments to participate.

It is commonplace for tech industry anecdotes of pay inequity, workplace harassment, racism, sexism and hollow D&I initiatives to reverberate within whisper networks. These stories rarely surface, and even if they do, the lack of facts and figures cause them to fade away into ambient noise.…

In this year’s survey, we are going deeper into the topics of pay equity, harassment, D&I initiatives and what tech companies are actually doing to move the needle. Last year we had over 800 respondents, and this year we are aiming for 1000, casting our net nationally.

The survey is 100% anonymous, all individuals in or joining tech and in or outside of our community are encouraged to respond. The results will be made public on stateofthecommunity.pdxwit.org.

For more information or to participate in the survey this year, visit PDXWIT 2019 State of the Community.