Month: May 2019

Connecting 200+ Portland startup community dots, live and in person

In my mind. I have an excuse. I spent my formative years in the shadow of Evel Knievel’s ramp. You know, the one he used when he tried to jump the Snake River Canyon strapped to a rocket? Yeah. Not exactly the most sane — or, honestly, successful — pursuit. So, I’m going to ask you to forgive me if I try some crazy stuff from time to time. But I really want to try this.

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The newest face of WeWork Labs Portland should be a familiar face to the Portland startup community

It wasn’t that long ago that global coworking giant WeWork announced that Portland — specifically the Custom House — would be a WeWork Labs instance. And like all startuppy things, changes are already afoot. In the past few months, WeWork Labs has been experimenting with its Portland presence and going through some iterations. And now, there’s a new person heading up the Portland efforts, Josh Carter.

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