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Instagram filters not cutting it anymore? Maybe it’s time to bring the bling with PhotoBlast

So you’ve tried Hipstamatic. You’ve uploaded a ton to Instagram. But really? You still feel empty. Unfulfilled. Like there’s something missing from your overly filtered photo repertoire.

Well get ready to be happy. Because all that bling you wanted to add to your photo? It’s now available. All it takes is a new app from Portland’s ISITE Design. Get ready for PhotoBlast. Read More

$500,000+ on Kickstarter and counting: Elevation iPhone dock by Portland’s Casey Hopkins

I… Yeah. I don’t even really know where to begin.

Elegantly solving a problem for design conscious iPhone types with a beautiful product. The fastest funded Kickstarter project ever. More than $500,000 raised so far—roughly 700% of its target goal. And it’s still got 37 days to go. Read More

Quintessential Portland iOS shop Small Society acquired by Walmart Labs

Rumors were swirling last night that Small Society—one of the first big players in Portland’s burgeoning mobile startup scene—had been acquired by Walmart Labs, a division of Walmart that deals with social and mobile commerce.

And now Raven Zachary and James Keller, cofounders of Small Society, have confirmed it. Read More

Get a new iPhone over the holidays? Make sure it’s not toast. Or it is TOAST. Or whatever.

I always love when Portland gets its geeky mixed up with its crafty and builds beautiful, functional bling for high tech gadgetry.

The latest effort to cross my desk is TOAST, a custom wood veneer for the back of your iPhone 4. And by custom, they mean you can get as creative as you like—one off or otherwise. Read More

Rose City ‘Til you Die (RCTID)? Meridian makes sure that death won’t be from the lack of chants, beverages, or facilities

The Northwest Major League Soccer fans, they love their technology and their startups. It’s something John Cook of Geekwire in Seattle has mentioned a number of times with regards to the Sounders fans. And the Timbers Army? They’re no different.

In fact, the Portland Timbers are so techie, they offer not one, but two mobile apps now. And the latest instantiation—the Timbers’ JELD-WEN Field in Meridian—offers a ton of interesting and useful information. Read More

Who’s snapped Instagram photos of where you’re sitting right now? Get an Instalook

If you own an iPhone, it’s highly likely you’ve dabbled with Instagram, the photo app that allows you to quickly snap a shot, apply a filter, and share it with friends. They’ve captured the essence of what people want to do with their phone photos.

What’s more, Intagram offers an API for folks to build cool stuff with their data. No really. One example was Gramfeed from Portland’s Rakshith Krishnappa. Well guess what? He didn’t stop there. Meet Instalook. Read More

Need a multibeat metronome? There’s an app for that

John Nastos is a very talented musician. And he’s completed an incredibly a really interesting music project. As if that weren’t enough, John also happens to be a very talented developer.

So what’s a guy to do with musical talent and development talent? Combine them, of course. Introducing Metronomics, a metronome for iOS. Read More

Is that Hellboy in your pocket or are you just Buffy to see me? Dark Horse Comics unveils Dark Horse Digital iPhone and iPad apps

Okay okay. Dark Horse Comics isn’t really a startup. But I could argue that any number of its titles are. And it is in Portland. Well okay Milwaukie. Fine. But you know what? When someone in Portland releases a really cool mobile app? That’s like a startup right there. So I’m totally covering this.

That’s right. Portland’s Dark Horse—the third largest comic publisher in the world—has officially released Dark Horse Digital, its new bookshelf app for iPhone and iPad. Read More

REMINDER: Demolicious + Mobile Portland = Mobile Demolicious, demos of tasty mobile apps, tonight

Portland has more than its fair share of awesome mobile app development going on. But sometimes, there’s so much, we miss out on some of the amazing things our peers are doing. That’s why Portland Web Innovators and Mobile Portland thought it might be a good idea to combine forces. So that we could see demos of cool mobile apps.

Sound interesting? Well head on over to Urban Airship tonight—Monday, April 25—to see Mobile Demolicious, starting around 6 PM. Read More

Miss your chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers photo? Play in a Timbers game instead

So you’ve been wearing a bit of a sourpuss ever since you realized that you missed out on the opportunity to have a really cool avatar thanks to the Portland Timbers crowdsourced photo campaign. I get it. It hurts. You’re all Rose City ’til you die and stuff.

Well, turn that frown upside down, my little Timbers Army faithful. Because you now have a chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers game. Read More