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Zipcar iPhone app shifts into gear

A few months back during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the folks at Apple got up on stage to demonstrate a very cool little iPhone app for Zipcar.

The app—designed by Portland-based iPhone agency Small Society—allowed you to find and reserve Zipcars, unlock your car, even honk the horn. But for all the bells and whistles, the app had one major problem: it wasn’t available to the general public. Until now. Read More

Portland’s Small Society builds an iPhone app for a little coffee shop called Starbucks

[HTML2]Turns out even coffee shops need iPhone apps. Well, they do if they’re Starbucks. Two even. And now the official Starbucks iPhone drink app—myStarbucks—is available from the App Store.

Yes, yes. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, I know. And even though a number of sites were covering the app launch—including Portland-based iPhoneSlutz—I didn’t really have any Silicon Forest angle on it.

So why am I writing about it now? Well, because as it turns out, the Starbucks app was created by none other than Small Society here in Portland. Read More

Second Porch: Thanks to Facebook ‘It’s complicated’ no longer applies to vacation rentals

While my blogging empire hasn’t reached the level where I’ve got a “home away from home,” there’s a good chunk of the ever-aging Facebook demographic that does. Maybe it’s a house at the coast. Or maybe it’s a cabin in the mountains. Whatever the case, as the economy continues to tank, those owners are looking for ways to make sure that someone is using those properties—as much as possible.

And that’s where folks like me come into the picture. I’ve got a great deal of interest in renting those properties from time to time—especially if they’re affordable. And when I do, where do I go for recommendations? That’s right: friends and family.

If only there were an app that connected the haves with the have nots. You know, socially. Well, now there is. A Facebook app from Portland called Second Porch. Read More

Azplode: Missile Command aficionados rejoice, your iPhone app is here

If you grew up in the 80s or spent any time at Ground Kontrol, you’ve been there. You’re sitting there on Missile Command, blood blister on the side of your hand from catching it in the trackball, one missile launch area remaining, one missile, and a ton of inbound targets quickly descending on your last bastion of defense. And yet, you’re overcome by an almost Zen-like state of calm. Knowing full well that one well-placed missile could create a chain reaction of explosions that will carry you through to the next level.

That’s feeling right there? That’s Azplode, the latest game from Portland-based iPhone developer Calvin Rien. Hopefully, without the blood blisters. Read More

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