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Getting even cozier with Portland: San Francisco based startup Cozy lands $5 million and doubles down (triples, actually) on PDX office

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Portland is the de facto hub of regional offices. Not necessarily in quantity, but definitely in quality. Intel, Jive, Mozilla, New Relic, ebay, Salesforce… the list goes on and on. And it sounds like Cozy is gunning to be on that list, as well. Read More

Cozying up: Instrument and Urban Airship alum Matt King joins Cozy as they open a Portland office

It’s a good time to be in Portland. And while our homegrown startups are knocking it out of the park, we’re attracting startups from elsewhere, too. Take Cozy, a Bay Area startup that just hired Portland-native Matt King—an alum high-powered local shops like Instrument and Urban Airship—and opened up a Portland office. Read More