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REMINDER: Mobile Portland talks mobile marketing tonight

While we’re all well aware of how much attention the mobile platform is attracting for app developers and service providers, marketing and advertising adoption of the platform seems to be lagging.

But is that really the case? And how long will it be before the advertising industry catches up? Read More

Students help local startups ZuluTime and LogicBox through Portland State’s Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate program

[Editor: It’s always nice to hear other perspectives on what’s happening with startups in town. The Portland State Digital Marketing class was nice enough to share their experience in which students and startups worked together. This guest post from Lisa Peyton captures that experience.]

Portland State University’s Market Square building was abuzz with excitement and hushed whispers during the final class. The Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate students were waiting for their “clients,” ZuluTime and LogicBox Software, to arrive for their final presentations. Read More

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