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Meet the Startup: Unwrapping the story behind Wantist

I’m always a fan of technology that solves real problems. And what’s one problem that many of us have in common? Finding the perfect gift.

That’s why Portland’s Wantist is such an interesting and compelling service. It’s a simple and efficient way of finding awesome gifts for the amazing people in your life—and gifts they’re likely to love. Just by providing two adjectives, ala MadLibs. Read More

Meet the Startup: Talking about startups and legal services with AterWynne

Building a startup means building a business. And that means making sure you’ve dotted all of your “i”s and crossed all of your “t”s as far as legal goes.

But where to start? Well, a good legal adviser can be key. And to give you some pointers, the folks at AterWynne sat down with Meet the Startup to discuss engaging with a legal team. Read More

Meet the Startup: Galaxy Sailor Productions

It’s always interesting to step outside the realm of tech startups to chat with entrepreneurs pursuing other creative interests. But part of what makes it so interesting is that every startup and startup industry seem to encounter the exact same issues.

Take Martin Vavra of Galaxy Sailor and the startup world of the independent filmmaker. Spend a few minutes with Martin and get a feel for what it takes to get a film made. Read More

Meet the Startup: Cooking up a different kind of startup with KitchenCru

While Meet the Startup tends to focus on the Portland tech scene, we’re interested in all kinds of startups—and the people who help them.

That’s why we took the time to catch up with KitchenCru, a kitchen incubator that helps those entrepreneurs in the food world get off the ground. Read More

Meet the Startup: Spending some time with Sell Simply

What if you could buy and sell with a tweet? That’s the question that Sell Simply is trying to answer. The service—which launched late last year—has gone through some tweaks and rebuilding to make the service even easier to use.

Now, folks can use Twitter as an engine for transactions without even visiting the site. Sound interesting? Well, spend a few minutes listening to Chris Teso describe the project. Read More

Meet the Startup: Chatting about startups and accounting with Perkins & Co.

What’s one of the scariest things about starting a company? Quitting the day job? Nope. Managing to build an awesome product? Not really. Finding customers? Close. For many, the scariest thing happens to be accounting. And managing the books.

Go on. Admit it. It scares you to death having to deal with that stuff. But it doesn’t have to. David Uslan of Perkins & Co. tells you why as he talks about startups and accounting. Read More

Meet the Startup: Sitting down with RealLead

We’ve done a great deal of interviewing startups in the Portland area, but there are startups all over the northwest who are doing interesting things. So we’re starting to expand our scope to get the chance to talk to startups outside of our home town.

Take RealLead, a new startup in Eugene that’s taking on the real estate market. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting in tight with Hively

Customer support. It’s often the most personal experience that many people have with products and companies. And yet, for being on the front line, this group is often the most underserved in terms of tools and motivation.

Until now. Meet Hively, a new product that’s looking to make customer feedback and performance reviews more delightful than pedantic. Read More

Meet the Startup: Spending some time with InvestorInMe

One of the best things about Meet the Startup is getting the excuse to sit down and chat with startup folks. That’s especially true when it’s a new startup that we don’t know much about. That was the case this week with InvestorInMe.

Currently in private beta, the service is designed to help you pick investments and companies that are the right fit for you and your risk tolerance. All with some simple and quick questions. Read More

Meet the Startup: Get ready to meet a whole lot more startups

When Phil Kinjerski, Tom Turnbull, and I got together to mash two separate projects into Meet the Startup, we wanted to build something that was both informative and interesting. But we also wanted to build something that was self-sustaining. So we agreed to shoot a few episodes to see if people were interested. And to see if sponsors were interested. Read More

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