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With startups, it's all about the timing: Startup Weekend Vancouver (Washington) postponed

While the team, the execution, and the initial idea are important, the success or failure of most startups comes down to one thing: timing. Forcing something at the wrong time is almost worse than not doing it at all. And that’s why I’m happy to see the Startup Weekend Vancouver (Washington) team adjusting their timing. Read More

Jealous of kids getting to go to summer camps? Here's one for you: Startup Weekend Vancouver

Ah, summer camp. That time to get away from the house. To make new friends. And to spend a few moments immersed in activities that made you the person you are today. Yes, summer camp was great. But as an adult, similar opportunities are few and far between. Except when it comes to Startup Weekends. Read More

Portland continues to improve upon the Startup Weekend model with Portland Startup Weekend Latino

We were pretty early adopters of the—now Techstars owned—Startup Weekend model. It didn’t hurt that the creator of the concept, Andrew Hyde, was an Oregon native. But still, it struck a chord. We got it. It matched our collaborative and collegial spirit. And it just seemed to work. But there was still room for improvement. So we kept mucking with it. Read More

A Startup Weekend that reflects Portland's successes: Portland Startup Weekend B2B

It’s no secret. Portland is a behind the scenes, business to business kind of town. Our most successful startups tend to be the names bandied about developer break rooms and user groups rather than household names. But that’s just fine. We’re good at that. And it fits our culture. And now, we have a Startup Weekend to reflect that strength: Portland Startup Weekend B2B. Read More

Next week you could have a new startup: Portland Startup Weekend, November 14-16

One of the longest running—and arguably most successful—events in the Portland startup scene is Portland Startup Weekend, an event that regularly brings together everyone from people with ideas to the technologists at some of the largest tech companies in town. All in the name of building something awesome over a 54 hour period. And the next one is coming up November 14-16. Read More

Just like every Startup Weekend, Startup Weekend Access cranked out awesome startups

Last weekend, Portland was home to an atypical Startup Weekend—which could become the model for Startup Weekends going forward. Dubbed Startup Weekend Access, the event was designed to focus on the accessibility issues of organizing and participating in these types of events. And hopefully helping increase the diversity of the Portland startup scene as a whole. Read More

The more startups, the better: Portland Startup Weekend Access strives to increase diversity of entrepreneurs and projects

I’ve always been impressed with the Portland Startup Weekend crew. They’ve taken a concept and continued to push it in new and different directions. Like their Tech4Change project with Mercy Corps. And like their latest effort, Portland Startup Weekend Access. Read More

Bend and Duck: Upcoming Oregon Startup Weekends in Bend and Eugene

Oh my. What a well-rounded-breakfast of a day on Silicon Florist. First, I got to post something about Corvallis and Portland. And now I get to drop something about Eugene and Bend. And that’s because Startup Weekends are happening in those two locations in the coming weeks. Read More

Embrace your inner hacklete: Oregon State Startup Weekend focuses on collegiate athletes

With the prevalence of Startup Weekends, it’s awesome to see the model being refined and taking on niche foci. One of those is the Tech4Change Portland Startup Weekend that’s being hosted by Mercy Corps. But another awesome one just crossed my desk: Oregon State Startup Weekend. It’s focus? Student athletes.

Read More