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Black History Month recap: A celebration of awesome black businesses in Portland

We’ve come to the end of another Black History Month here in Portland. And if you’ve been following along with Stephen Green on Twitter, then you’ve likely caught his efforts to feature a bunch of awesome black businesses in Portland throughout the month. I tried to grab them all in case you want to have them all for quick reference.

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Every tweet counts: Vote for WebVisions Webvisionary People’s Choice Award

Tonight, WebVisions will hold its second Webvisionary Awards, but there’s still some work to do before that takes place: voting for the People’s Choice Award. Or I guess, more appropriately, tweeting for the People’s Choice.

Tweeting? That’s right. All of the votes for the People’s Choice will be cast via Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. Each entry has a short code. Just send a direct message—that’s a d not an @—to @wv09 with that short code and your vote will be counted.

Sad you’re not attending WebVisions? You can still get into the Webvisionary Awards—because it’s open to the public.

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Want Twitter search analytics done right? Portland’s Clicky may have nailed it

If there’s one thing we here in Portland love, it’s our Twitter. And it’s not just because the inimitable Rael Dornfest, Twitter’s user experience (UX) engineer, happens to live in Portland.

No, it’s something deeper than that. Twitter works for Portland’s dynamic. It meshes with our culture and our geekiness and our whatever.

And so it should come as absolutely no surprise that, when it comes to understanding Twitter, Silicon Forest startups come up with some interesting solutions. Like Portland-based Twitalyzer. And like the latest feature from Clicky, the lightweight yet extremely feature-heavy Web analytics tool. The new feature with which I’m so impressed? It’s called Twitter brand monitor. (Calm down, Dawn.) Read More