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Missing the unconference format? Get ready to be happy

Used to be, Portland had a plethora of unconferences for folks to attend. On any number of topics. But as of late, those opportunities have been few and far between. Luckily there are still opportunities like the Women Led Unconference.

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It’s back! CyborgCamp 2018 takes place this weekend

I knew it was happening, but I didn’t realize that it was coming together this quickly. So my sincere apologies for the tardy reminder. But better late than never. CyborgCamp — one of the defining events of the Portland startup community nearly a decade ago — is back. And it’s taking place November 3, 2018.

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You could use more unconference in your diet. Attend ProductCamp Portland.

There was a time when Portland was home to more unconferencey camps than almost any town, anywhere. Camp camp campity camp. And even though the camp bubble seems to have burst, there are a still some amazing unconferences to attend—like ProductCamp Portland. And it’s this weekend. Read More

Raising the bar: BarCamp Portland reimagines the local unconference

I’ve always been a huge fan of the BarCamp model—an unconference format that has participants decide and chair sessions on a variety of interests. And BarCamp Portland has always been one of the shining examples of that format. So it should come as no surprise that they’re rethinking BarCamp Portland—to provide more value to the community. Read More

Bar none: Portland’s original unconference, BarCamp Portland, takes place this weekend

When it comes to unconferences, Portland has quite a few, discussing everything from blogging to open data to healthcare.

And the inspiration for all of those topical gatherings? The grandaddy of them all, BarCamp Portland. And it’s happening this weekend. For the sixth time. Read More

REMINDER: Consider the future of healthcare, Saturday at HealthCamp Oregon 2011

Few topics cause more rousing discourse than the state of the US healthcare system. From insurers to providers, from treating sickness to encouraging wellness, and from technology to certification, the industry is rife with topics galore.

That’s why HealthCamp Oregon 2011 is sure to be chock full of interesting discussions. Read More

Where will you be this weekend? Hopefully at WhereCampPDX

It’s that time of year again. Time for all of the Portland geolocation types to gather at one location—or behind a geofence or whatever—for geogeekery of all kinds.

Yep. It’s time for WhereCampPDX, the fourth installment of the unconference dedicated to the fine art of mixing geography and technology. Read More

You got your journalism in my digital. You got your digital in my journalism. Again. Camp.

Digital Journalism Camp, Portland, the premier event for journalists, bloggers, reporters, podcasters work through the issues facing folks creating content on the Web today.

It’s that time of year again. The sun is starting to peek out a little more often. The breeze feels a little warmer. And the camps are beginning to get going again.

That’s right. It’s time for Digital Journalism Camp, Portland. On May 14, the premier event for journalists, bloggers, reporters, podcasters, newscasters, and writers to all get in the same room, get all unconferencey, and work through the issues facing folks creating content on the Web today. Read More

Feeling the urge to gnaw on some unconference sessions? Beaver BarCamp is Saturday

We love our events here in the Silicon Forest—especially events in the whole unconference format. And there’s no better unconference than the original unconference, BarCamp.

And while BarCamp Portland IV is still half of a year away, there’s a great opportunity to sink your teeth into BarCamping this weekend with Beaver BarCamp in Corvallis. Read More

Up for some unconferencing this weekend? You’re in luck

You know me. I’m always looking for any opportunity to throw out the “Portland has more x per capita than anywhere else in the United States.”

Here’s my latest: Portland has more unconferences per capita than anywhere else in the United States.

What’s an “unconference” you ask? Well, let’s let Dawn Foster, the queen of Portland unconferences answer that one:

Unconferences are usually free and are often local. The unconference is an adhoc gathering shaped by those who attend with the sessions and agenda being driven by the participants. The framework is defined in advance, but the sessions are organized and produced by the attendees. In other words, instead of a full agenda with sessions and speakers clearly determined in advance, you start with a blank grid containing times on one axis and rooms / locations on the other axis; lunches and any other common activities are often added to the grid in advance to provide some basic infrastructure for the event. You never what discussions, demos, and other interactions to expect before the event, but you can count on it being an interesting time!

Now that you know, are you looking for some unconference-y goodness?

Look no further, my friend.

Recent Changes Camp: February 20-22, University Place Hotel, Portland State University

The premier wiki unconference, Recent Changes Camp, is already happening:

Recent Changes Camp was born from the intersection of wiki and Open Space. Since 2006, participants from all over North America and the globe have gathered together for a common purpose: discussing the past, present, and future of the technology and collaborative method that is wiki. RCC is a chance for everyone in the wiki community, something we like to call Wiki Ohana, to meet and have a fun, productive conversation about our passion for wikis of all stripes.

Going far beyond technology, we’re interested in wiki culture and other networks/groups/etc. that share many of the values implicit in it — from cultural creatives, to public participation and free culture advocates. If you use a wiki or you value open collaboration, Recent Changes Camp is created for you. RCC is about openness and inclusion, collaboration and community, creativity and flow. Further down this page you can check out a sampling of sessions we’ve enjoyed in the past, along with pictures and videos from previous events.

For more information, see RecentChangesCamp on Calagator.

BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland: February 21, Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union Room

More interested in the impact of technology on modern media? BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland might be more your speed:

What happens when a group of technologists, programmers, web developers, designers, hackers and information architects meet up with journalists, entrepreneurs, students, professors and others with interest in news and information?

Amazing new ideas for how we collect, disseminate and consume news, hopefully.

Join us for a one-day un-conference to not only talk about how technology is influencing journalism, but brainstorm some ideas and hack them out by the end of the afternoon.

For more information, see BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland.


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