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Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for February 24

Strange Love Live: Raven Zachary and James Keller join us

Cami Kaos writes “After a big week in the social tech scene of our fair city it was nice to get back to normal and hole up in the studio for a couple of hours with some great minds. This week we were joined by Raven Zachary and James Keller. We talked about the present and future of iPhone apps and got a peek into Raven’s new venture (which is as yet unnamed and still shrouded in secrecy) and James’ part in it. It was an easy show for Doc Normal and I. We learned at some point that when you have guests as smart as they are you can ask a question and sit back soaking up knowledge like a sponge.”

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Cyborg Anthropology at Portland’s Webvisions on May 22nd, 2009

Amber Case writes “I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at Portland’s WebVisions Conference 2009. After missing the event last year to a scheduling conflict, I am honored to be able to not only attend, but present as well. I have quite a bit of time to present, so I am already writing my speech. If it is not a 100% completely useful speech, then at the very least it will contain some interesting images.”

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Studio on the Square | Beer and Blog

Beer and Blog got some air time on KGW The Square recently, thanks to Brian Westbrook and some quick Skyping.

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Peeking at the proposals: Cooking – Open Source Bridge

Via Open Source Bridge “We’ve had the Open Source Bridge call for proposals open for a few weeks now, and we’re already starting to see some great concepts rolling in. But we can’t keep all this goodness to ourselves. That’s why the proposal system is open—so that you can read about what’s being submitted and comment on which proposals you’d like to see.”

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A Look Behind the Curtain at Techmeme

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Earlier this month I interviewed Techmeme’s first hired human editor, Megan McCarthy, over on ReadWriteWeb. I think McCarthy’s job is a fascinating one and a good indicator of some future trends on the internet. For whatever reason the interview didn’t get as much traction as I hoped it would upon first publication, so I’ve decided to republish it here to make sure readers of Marshallk.com get a chance to see it as well.”

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How to be a Mobile Software Forty-Niner

Don Park writes “The year 2008 is the beginning of a gold rush of mobile applications. The iPhone app store has over 20,000 apps and there are numerous stories of developers ’striking it rich’ through good timing and luck. My focus is on Google’s Open Source operating system, Android. Launched in October 2008 with the T-Mobile G1, it has sold at least 300,000 units last year.”

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Business Leader Northwest: Meet leading Portland blogging types at the blogger pavilion

Business Leader NWBusiness Leader Northwest—a leadership conference being held February 25 and 26 at the Oregon Convention Center—is pulling in a number of big names for the conference. People like Stephen Covey, Burgerville Chairman Tom Mears, and Umpqua’s Ray Davis.

But did you know that they’re pulling in a ton of big name local bloggers, as well? It’s true. They’ll have an entire “blogger pavilion” on the trade show floor.

The following folks—many of whom you’ll likely recognize—are slated to be around:

Still on the fence about whether or not to attend? Maybe you should read some posts from these bloggers on the Business Leader NW blog.

How about now? Really? Even with all of those cool bloggers and their insights and stuff?

Okay, fine. Here’s another push: $25 of your entry fee goes to the non-profit of your choice.

See? I knew that would get you, you old softie. So why don’t you go register and we’ll see you in the blogger pavilion at some point.

Need more? Visit the site for a schedule of Business Leader NW or keep up-to-date on the latest by following Business Leader NW on Twitter.




REMINDER: Social Media Club PDX gets social again, tonight

Social Media Club PDXOne of the original social media groups in PortlandSocial Media Club PDX—was an early leader in gathering like-minded social media types to discuss the potential of social media.

Then, it went into hibernation for awhile. But tonight, it wakes up again:

Join Chris Heuer, co-founder of the Social Media Club, at the re-launch of Social Media Club PDX as he discusses how companies can transform their organization through the use of social media. Chris will discuss the elements and framework for creating a successful social media strategy and how to get your organization and clients behind it. He will also examine how companies need to re-think current advertising methods and their purpose in order to utilize the full potential of social marketing.

The first meeting of the reunited group will be held tonight at The Agency, starting at 6:00 PM. For more information or to RSVP, visit Social Media Club PDX on Upcoming.

Portland’s version of the club is part of the larger Social Media Club family.

To stay up-to-date on all of the latest, follow Social Media Club PDX on Twitter, join the Facebook group, or visit the Social Media Club Portland wiki.


Portland WordPress User Group transitions leadership

Now, now. Don’t worry. There’s nothing scandalous happening.

But there are only so many hours in the day.

Aaron Hockley, the founder of the Portland WordPress User Group, has decided to focus on some other major projects. As such, he is handing off responsibility for the management of the pdxwp group:

Recently I’ve found my time and energies spread thin amongst various projects. In order to focus on a smaller set of projects (and let the remaining projects thrive with the attention they deserve), I’m stepping back from a few things. I’m pleased to announce that Kelly Guimont is assuming the leadership role for our group. Kelly assisted with WordCamp Portland and I look forward to seeing her develop pdxwp further. I’ve turned over information on all pending pdxwp issues to Kelly, please contact her with any questions.

Aaron will continue to lead WordCamp Portland, the second installment of which is slated for fall 2009.



Lunch 2.0 at WebVisions

As previously teased, WebVisions will be hosting a Lunch 2.0 on May 20, the first day of the conference. WebVisions runs May 20-22 at the Oregon Convention Center.

This Lunch 2.0 will be free to all, even if you’re not planning to attend the conference. Of course, if you are interested or are attending, this will be an excellent opportunity to get a sneak peek at the conference.

May 20 is the workshop day of the conference, so this will be a chance to rub elbows with the workshop attendees and presenters, e.g. Jason Grigsby and John Keith of Cloud Four who are presenting “Performance Optimization for Web and Mobile” in the afternoon. Assuming they show up early for Lunch 2.0.

Now I’ve guilted them a little, accidentally. Did I mentioned that Jason’s presentation at last year’s WebVisions was outstanding? He even brought Voodoo Donuts, which tipped the scales over Scott Kveton‘s session, which had to be at the same time.

Anyway, these are the types of speakers you’ll get at WebVisions.

Here’s the official conference about:

Discover the future of Web design, user experience and business strategy for three days of mind-melding on what’s new in the digital world. Get a glimpse into the future, along with practical information that you can apply to your Web site, company and career.

wv.pngHosts: WebVisions

Where: Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

When: May 20 from 12 PM to 2 PM

Please RSVP on Upcoming so the hosts can get an idea of how much grub to get. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, drop a comment on the event page for planning, unless you don’t want to eat.

This will be the first Portland Lunch 2.0 hosted by a conference, and it should be an interesting mix of conference attendees, many from out of town, and Portlanders.

This crowd mix should provide some interesting conversation, as well as an opportunity to network outside your normal crowd. Of course, if you want to see the Norms of the Portland tech scene, I’m pretty sure they’ll be there too, next to the Cliffs.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

As always, big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.

What’s MioWorks? Find out at Lunch 2.0

MioWorks, David Abramowski‘s new venture, opened to a private preview last week at Ignite Portland 5.

If you were at IP5 or saw David (or Manuel) last week, you probably were one of the lucky few to get an in invitation to the private preview. If you didn’t get an invite, no worries, MioWorks will be hosting a Lunch 2.o at the Green Dragon on April 8, and I’m sure there will be plenty of invites to the new service.

You read that right. The venue is the Green Dragon, the geek-friendly SE watering hole, home to Portland Beer and Blog and B&B Worldwide HQ.

Wondering why? MioWorks is a tiny, little startup right now, and they don’t have a space big enough to hold a typical Lunch 2.0 crowd. So, rather than hold a small lunch with a guestlist, they figured why not find a bigger space, and the Green Dragon happily obliged.

This will come up eventually; the food will be on MioWorks, but the booze will not. That shouldn’t stop you from having a liquid lunch if you want; the Green Dragon is certainly a great place for that.

And hey, this is April we’re talking about, so maybe Spring will spring early. You know what that means: the patio may be open, which would make for a great mix and mingle. This is Portland though, making it equally likely that April 8 will see several inches of snow. We can always hope.

If you can’t wait that long to learn about MioWorks, check out their Intro slide deck and their origins video.

mioworks.pngHosts: MioWorks

Where: The Green Dragon, 928 SE 9th Ave Portland, Oregon 97214

When: April 8, 2009 from 12 PM to 2 PM

Please RSVP on Upcoming so the hosts can get an idea of how much grub to get. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, drop a comment on the event page for planning, unless you don’t want to eat.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

  • March 11 at OpenSourcery
  • April 8 hosted by MioWorks at the Green Dragon
  • March 25 April 22 at TechShop Portland in Beaverton
  • May 20 hosted by WebVisions at the Oregon Convention Center

That last one will soon be announced. Stay tuned for the details. If you’re wondering, the lunch will be open to anyone, attending WebVisions or not.
Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for February 21

Want to Volunteer for BarCampPortland?

Dawn Foster writes “We still have plenty of time before BarCampPortland on May 1 & 2, but it’s never too early to get people thinking about how they can help out with the event! If you love BarCamps as much as I do, please join us next week for our volunteer kickoff meeting. Anyone interested in volunteering for the event is welcome to attend!”

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Open Thread: What Did You Think about Ignite Portland 5?

Via Ignite Portland “Now that the event is over, it’s time to tell us what you thought about it.”

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Looking Forward: New jobs, new dates – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway covers “More forward-looking developments from the Silicon Forest…”

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Up for some unconferencing this weekend? You’re in luck

You know me. I’m always looking for any opportunity to throw out the “Portland has more x per capita than anywhere else in the United States.”

Here’s my latest: Portland has more unconferences per capita than anywhere else in the United States.

What’s an “unconference” you ask? Well, let’s let Dawn Foster, the queen of Portland unconferences answer that one:

Unconferences are usually free and are often local. The unconference is an adhoc gathering shaped by those who attend with the sessions and agenda being driven by the participants. The framework is defined in advance, but the sessions are organized and produced by the attendees. In other words, instead of a full agenda with sessions and speakers clearly determined in advance, you start with a blank grid containing times on one axis and rooms / locations on the other axis; lunches and any other common activities are often added to the grid in advance to provide some basic infrastructure for the event. You never what discussions, demos, and other interactions to expect before the event, but you can count on it being an interesting time!

Now that you know, are you looking for some unconference-y goodness?

Look no further, my friend.

Recent Changes Camp: February 20-22, University Place Hotel, Portland State University

The premier wiki unconference, Recent Changes Camp, is already happening:

Recent Changes Camp was born from the intersection of wiki and Open Space. Since 2006, participants from all over North America and the globe have gathered together for a common purpose: discussing the past, present, and future of the technology and collaborative method that is wiki. RCC is a chance for everyone in the wiki community, something we like to call Wiki Ohana, to meet and have a fun, productive conversation about our passion for wikis of all stripes.

Going far beyond technology, we’re interested in wiki culture and other networks/groups/etc. that share many of the values implicit in it — from cultural creatives, to public participation and free culture advocates. If you use a wiki or you value open collaboration, Recent Changes Camp is created for you. RCC is about openness and inclusion, collaboration and community, creativity and flow. Further down this page you can check out a sampling of sessions we’ve enjoyed in the past, along with pictures and videos from previous events.

For more information, see RecentChangesCamp on Calagator.

BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland: February 21, Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union Room

More interested in the impact of technology on modern media? BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland might be more your speed:

What happens when a group of technologists, programmers, web developers, designers, hackers and information architects meet up with journalists, entrepreneurs, students, professors and others with interest in news and information?

Amazing new ideas for how we collect, disseminate and consume news, hopefully.

Join us for a one-day un-conference to not only talk about how technology is influencing journalism, but brainstorm some ideas and hack them out by the end of the afternoon.

For more information, see BarCamp NewsInnovation Portland.


Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for February 20

Puppet PDX will meet on 2/27/09

Selena Deckelmann writes “Inspired by Puppet and the Reductive Labs team, we’re gathering people interested in all things related to configuration management. (Not sock puppet-making, sorry!) Cfengine user? Thinking about trying AutomateIt? Just have a pile of obsessively managed scripts? Come on down! We’ll discuss tools, best practices, and generally how to make your systems run so well you can get to the pub by 4 o’clock.”

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Submit Your Ideas – Ignite Portland 6 on July 16

Via Ignite Portland “Is your head still spinning from the great ideas you saw and heard at Ignite Portland 5? Did you have so much fun that you can’t wait to do it again? Were you inspired to Share a Burning Idea at the next Ignite Portland? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we have good news for you. Ignite Portland 6 is scheduled for July 16, 2009. And our talk idea submission form is open for you to let that burning idea out of your head and into the world. “

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Portland Has The Perfect Climate For Content

David Burn writes “Since moving to Portland last August, I’ve taken note of how many craftsmen and women are at work here. Many. In every conceivable field. To stay with content creators for now, I’d like to present my list of Portland’s top producers.”

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Aliza Earnshaw: Bye Bye Portland Business Journal, Hello AboutUs

When you name business publications in the Portland area, the Portland Business Journal is likely right up there at the top. It tends to be the go-to resource for small businesses here in town. And, for the past 8 years, Aliza Earnshaw has been working the local beat, writing about what’s happening in Portland.

Well, you write about enough small tech businesses and startups long enough and suddenly you want to join them.

Which is exactly what happened with Aliza. She’s announced that she is joining AboutUs as the Editor-in-Chief for the burgeoning “Wikipedia of Web sites.”

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Aliza over the years in my various corporate communications roles—like MedicaLogic and ProSight. I’m looking forward to seeing how she leverages her impressive journalistic chops in this new role.

Aliza’s last day at PBJ will be tomorrow. She begins at AboutUs, next month.

Your first writing job at the new gig, Aliza? Building out your AboutUs page, of course.