Month: September 2011

A crash course in not crashing your startup

Interested in starting a startup but not quite sure how hard the leap will be? Nothing beats a crash course for steeling your courage.

That’s why OTBC is offering a one-day intensive workshop on how to build a successful startup. But you’ve got to hurry. It’s tomorrow. Read More

From WordPress curious to WordPress expert, WordCamp Portland has something for every wordsmith

Well, well, well. It’s that time again. It’s WordCamp Portland this weekend—arguably the best WordCamp around, in Portland or otherwise.

But if you want to go, you better hurry. There are only a handful of tickets left. Read More

Legion of Tech got screwed. Let’s help unscrew them.

[Full disclosure: Just like a bunch of other people in Portland, I’ve supported the Legion of Tech and their efforts as a participant, a volunteer, a regular sponsor, and an advisor.]

This is a difficult post to write. Well, that’s phrasing it nicely. To be honest, this is a shitty post to have to write. But the Legion of Tech was such a strong presence and core to our tech community that it deserves a post and discussion. Especially in hopes that other well-meaning organizations not repeat similar mistakes. Read More

Meet the Startup: Connecting with CPUsage

I know you. You’re working hard while you’re sitting at your computer. But what if your computer could be doing hard work for other hardworking folks while you’re away from the keyboard?

That’s the question that CPUsage is answering. It’s kind of like AirBnB or Second Porch for your latent processing power. Read More

Rumblefish and Crucial make beautiful music (licensing) together

After being relatively quiet for a few years, Portland-based Rumblefish has started to make a lot of noise as of late.

The latest news? They’ve signed a partnership with Crucial Music to give Rumblefish users access to Crucial’s premium independent music catalog. Read More

OpenSesame unlocks $2 million in funding

Online learning company OpenSesame has found itself with a bit more tuition to spend.

You see, the Portland-based company just added to its Angel Oregon earnings, rounding it to an even $2 million in funding. Read More

Bizzy tonight? There’s a free beer in it for you

If you’re looking to launch in Portland, free beer is always a surefire winner.

That’s why the folks from Bizzy are hosting a little get together tonight. All you have to do is show up at Bailey’s Tap Room with the Bizzy app on your phone, and you’ll be quaffing a free brew with Bizzy and your friends. Read More

Skip Newberry, economic advisor to Portland’s Mayor, named new president of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO)

[Full disclosure: I am on the board of the SAO.] When it comes to professional organizations that touch the Portland startup scene, one of the more contentious entities has been the Software Association of Oregon (SAO). The organization has gone through a number of leaders in the past few years. This summer, the organization found itself with an open president seat, once again. And that led to a number of discussions about the SAO and its leadership, point and counterpoint.

Now, Skip Newberry—who currently serves as economic development policy advisor to Portland Mayor Sam Adams—will be taking on the role of president of the SAO. Read More

Meet the Startup: Unwrapping the story behind Wantist

I’m always a fan of technology that solves real problems. And what’s one problem that many of us have in common? Finding the perfect gift.

That’s why Portland’s Wantist is such an interesting and compelling service. It’s a simple and efficient way of finding awesome gifts for the amazing people in your life—and gifts they’re likely to love. Just by providing two adjectives, ala MadLibs. Read More

Clipbook is like Delicious for images

So you’ve figured out how to save Web links, tweets, videos, and other fleeting bits media that come flying across your browser day in and day out. But you’re still a bit stuck on how best to save the amazing images that you encounter via Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and the like?

Well, not any more. Now, there’s Clipbook. Read More

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