Month: January 2012

Get a new iPhone over the holidays? Make sure it’s not toast. Or it is TOAST. Or whatever.

I always love when Portland gets its geeky mixed up with its crafty and builds beautiful, functional bling for high tech gadgetry.

The latest effort to cross my desk is TOAST, a custom wood veneer for the back of your iPhone 4. And by custom, they mean you can get as creative as you like—one off or otherwise. Read More

Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle alum Vizify lands $1.2 million

The funding environment for Portland startups ended the year on a strong note. And now it’s beginning on a strong note as well.

TechCrunch is reporting that Vizify—a Portland startup that did parallel accelerator stints at Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle—has landed $1.2 million in funding. Read More

Meet the Startup: Finding the story on spotsi

There are stories all around us. But tapping into them can often be more challenging than it should be.

That’s a problem that spotsi is hoping to fix. By providing a platform that enables people to share their stories about the places and spots around them. And allowing people to engage with those stories when and where they are—while building new stories of their own. Read More

Dive Head First into Mobile Web with some of Portland’s most respected mobile types

Want to learn something new this year? How about figuring out how to do mobile Web design the right way? Even better? How about learning how to do it the right way from the awesome folks at Cloud Four?

Portlanders Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby—two of the cofounders of Cloud Four—have just the title you need on your shelf: Head First Mobile Web. Read More

I’ve been letting you down, Portland

It’s a new year. Time to reflect. To reminisce. But also to look ahead. And to think about doing things a little differently. Better even.

With all of this reflection, one thing has become amazingly clear to me: I’m letting you down.

You see, I’ve got this massive list of interesting things that have happened in the Portland startup scene. A “to be posted” sort of list. Problem is, that list keeps getting longer and longer and longer. Read More