Month: January 2012

Mutual admiration society: Portland is the featured city on the Instagram blog

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Portland loves it some Instagram. So much so that I would venture a guess that we have more Instagram users per capita than any city in the world. I mean, it’s probably installed on every single iPhone in town. Bar none.

Well now, Instagram is returning the love by featuring Portland Instagrammers on its blog. Read More

Forrester pushes push notifications as Urban Airship pushes their 10 billionth notification

Validation. It’s something for which every company strives. From a customer. From an investor. From the media. But one of the most important indicators in the business world? It’s validation from industry analysts.

And that’s why Forrester recommending push notifications—the same way they’ve recommended email, SMS, and the like—is a huge step forward for the mobile industry. And it’s a step taken in conjunction with Urban Airship sending its 10 billionth push. And on January 10th at that. Read More

REMINDER: Your Portland Seed Fund application is due. Like right now, procrastinator pants.

Could-a should-a would-a. Remember when you were thinking about applying to the Portland Seed Fund? Well, your Portland Seed Fund application is due tonight, January 9, by midnight.

Oopie. Okay. You’ve clearly wasted enough time to get the stress level up. But really? If you want to apply? You should probably get on that. Like right now. Read More

Working to dispel the “You can’t get funded in Portland” myth

You hear me chirping about how we’re getting more and more funding here in Portland. But are we really?

Well, Amber Case and Aaron Parecki of Geoloqi took a stab at building something more objective than our usually anecdotal take on the funding atmosphere around here. The result? A wiki that details the Portland funding events, acquisitions, and other highlights over the last few years. Read More