Month: March 2012

Zooka and HuMn Wallet: Already funded Portland Kickstarter projects… but you’re going to want to grab them

Sometimes, there are so many cool Portland projects going on Kickstarter that I think I need a-whole-nother blog dedicated to them. But then I get tired thinking about starting another blog. So I post here.

Here are two awesome projects that have secured funding—Zooka and the HuMn Wallet. Read More

Upcoming and downfalling: Portland’s Andy Baio on the Yahoo! Facebook patent suit

One would think that the big tech news this week would be SXSW, but Yahoo! had other ideas. You see, Yahoo! has filed a “puzzling” patent suit against Facebook.

Now, there are any number of folks out there who will highlight this as a pretty boneheaded move. Or “a crock of shit.” But they’re all observing the situation.

Portland’s Andy Baio—whose company Upcoming was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005—has a more hands-on perspective. Read More

Look into the “Future of Work” with Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life and cofounder of Coffee & Power

Work has changed a great deal, this century. Partly because of the Internet. Partly because it simply needed to change.

Coffee & Power is one example of that change—enabling independents to work and sell their services in a common marketplace. With coffee. And power. Read More

On the couch? Couchbase types gather for CouchConf Portland

Ah spring in Portland! Rain, cold, flowering trees… and the beginning of the tech conference season.

This week, the Couchbase folks are coming to town for CouchConf, a day-long event focused on CouchDB and all its potential applications, this Wednesday. Read More

Meet the Startup: Serial entrepreneur Pete Grillo discusses the Portland startup scene

Usually on Meet the Startup, we tend to spend time talking about companies and a little time talking about the Portland startup scene. This time, we seem to have turned the usual format on its head. Read More

Have you joined Startup America, yet?

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to make more connections, get more benefits, and to extend your financial runway just a little bit farther, right? Well, why not let good ol’ Uncle Sam help a little bit? Read More

SXSW hack: Be the most popular geek in Austin by using Chirpify to “Tweet a Beer”

If you work the angles right, SXSW can be a really rewarding experience. A veritable target-rich zone of tech types and a who’s who of the startup industry awaits those skilled and wily enough to make the right connections during their brief stint in Austin over the next few days.

But at an event with tens of thousands of people, how do you make yourself memorable? How do you get the attention of that one panelist to whom you really need to speak? Or that VIP who could really be the key to the next big thing? Read More

Free Friday: Fostering creativity at Urban Airship

I realize I’ve already posted about Urban Airship once today. And I realize that I’ve posted about UA’s focus on corporate culture. But I came across this video that motivated me to post once more on the subject. So sue me. Read More

Meet the Startup: “This is your captain speaking…” about Urban Airship

As Portland revels in the makings of a tech startup renaissance, one of the companies leading the charge has been Urban Airship. Over two and half years, UA has grown from “four guys around a desk” to nearly 100 employees with offices in Portland and San Francisco.

To share part of that story, Meet the Startup caught up with the captain of the airship, Scott Kveton. Read More

Portland Seed Fund continues to grow: Eight startups join PSF second class

As late winter changes over to spring, it seems the perfect time to start thinking about planting things. You know. Vegetables, plants, flowers… startups.

And the Portland Seed Fund is getting an early start, as they announced their next class of startups, today. Read More

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