Month: March 2012

Please enjoy: Spend some time with Facebook Creative Director Ji Lee

Sure, there’s the data center out in Prineville. And the big open source project hosted at OSU Open Source Labs. But other than rumors of Zuckerberg swinging by the Rose City to purchase a pooch, most of Portland’s contact with Facebook have remained the online variety. Until now. Thanks to Merrick working a little magic. Read More

Pitch Club: I want you to pitch me as hard as you can

Someday, I’ll run out of Fight Club lines to massacre while promoting Pitch Club. But unfortunately for you, that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

But what is happening soon is another Pitch Club. Like Thursday night soon. And it’s the perfect time to practice pitching your startup ideas—no matter who or what you’re pitching. Read More

When he’s not busy running for mayor, Kveton is among the top names disrupting mobile

As I was browsing through a bunch of links this morning, I happened upon a post about “10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry.”

Being a sucker for lists, I clicked through. What surprised and pleased me was to see Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, listed among names like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square and Jaakko Iisalo of Angry Birds fame. Read More

I’m confused, scared, and more than a little ashamed

Now I realize that I’ve developed—even perhaps cultivated—this persona of being a “rah rah” cheerleader for all things startup in Portland and Oregon. I realize that—at times—I’ve been so Pollyanna saccharine-sweet about the potential for entrepreneurs in our area that it’s made people cringe. I get that. Read More

Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, is in the running to be mayor of Portland

Well, sort of.

It’s March Madness, the time of year when a vast majority of eyes turn to college basketball. And it’s also the thick of the Portland mayoral race. So why not—in some Frankenstein-like mashup—try to pick Portland’s next mayor by way of bracket? That’s exactly what the folks at Willamette Week are doing. Read More

REMINDER: Open Source Bridge accepting talk proposals until midnight, procrastinator pants

Sure sure. You were going to get to it. Because you really had this awesome talk on open source sort of stuff. Something riveting. And insightful. And entertaining.

You were totally going to submit that talk for Open Source Bridge, the conference for open source citizens. But then you never got around to it. Well, get on it. You’ve got until midnight tonight. Read More

Portland’s Nitin Khanna named TiE Angel of the Year 2011

When it comes to early stage startup investing in Portland, one person’s name tends to come up more than any other: Nitin Khanna. An entrepreneur with a wildly successful exit, Nitin has been an early glimmer of the burgeoning “virtuous cycle” investment in Portland—a cycle where successful entrepreneurs become Angels for a new crop of startups. Read More