Month: June 2012

Public relations 101 for startups … from the entrepreneur’s perspective

[Editor: So many “PR 101” posts come from, well, PR folks. And while they’re great, they don’t always capture the entrepreneur’s perspective. That’s why I’m happy to share a PR 101 post from an entrepreneur.]

So you’re a startup founder. You’ve spent the last few months mainlining caffeine and building that awesome location-based-mobile-photo-app for wombats. How do you ensure that when you unleash it upon the unsuspecting world, wombats will read about it in their favorite blog? Read More

June 2 is crazy. Crazy awesome that is: Hack for Portland Schools, Portland Code Camp, and VibrantData PDX Hackathon

It’s been a while since we’ve had a pile up of amazing events all in one day. And even though it makes for a difficult decisions, it’s nice to see the level of activity.

So what are you doing on June 2? Attending Hack for Portland Schools, headed to Portland Code Camp, or joining the VibrantData PDX Hackathon? Read More