Month: June 2012

Portland’s Armchair Mayor: Scraping the bottom of the barrel at Neighborhood Notes

The folks at Neighborhood Notes were kind enough to select me to be Portland’s Armchair Mayor, today. I know. I know. Everyone else must have been busy.

Well, and honestly, who better to play Armchair Mayor than someone who doesn’t really do anything? Read More


What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Want to hang out with me and Skip Newberry? I’ll buy.

I know you’re super busy, but I’m all about you getting the attention you deserve. So if you can put up with my babbling—and can spare $5—it would be awesome to see you at the City Club of Portland tomorrow. Skip Newberry of the SAO and I will be telling tales about the Portland tech and startup scene. Read More

Time for startups to TiE one on: TiE Oregon PitchFest, this Thursday, June 14

If there’s one thing I can never get enough of, it’s pitch practice. Getting in front of a crowd and telling your story is the one thing startups should be doing again and again and again. And that’s why things like the TiE Oregon PitchFest are awesome. Read More

Meet the Startup: Portland Seed Fund Demo Day, Spring 2012

For many accelerators, the heralded “Demo Day” can be an invite only affair. But lucky you. Portland Seed Fund allowed the Meet the Startup crew into the event. And we get to share each of the companies with you. Read More

Need help filtering Spotify music? Try the Intel Sifter to get a little help from your friends

When it comes to finding new music, Spotify has become the go to resource. But sometimes, it can be too much of a good thing. And you could use a little help finding new tunes.

Enter the Intel Sifter, a new branded app for Spotify that leverages your social graph to help you find tunes. Read More

Accelerator application trifecta: TechStars Seattle, Portland Seed Fund, and PIE currently accepting submissions

Why just work on one accelerator application this weekend when you can complete three? That’s right. If you’re interested in some acceleration, there’s a whole bunch of opportunity for your startup.

TechStars Seattle, Portland Seed Fund, and PIE are accepting applications right now. Read More

Tweaking the recipe: Top 3 most exciting changes for the next class of PIE

[Full disclosure: I work at PIE.] It’s almost time to start the next class of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment). Applications are due June 12. Read More

Catch the Portland Seed Fund companies before they sprout at the demo day after party

Well well well. It’s time for the next Portland Seed Fund (PSF) Demo Day. And if you’re familiar with Demo Days, they sort of tend to be secretive affairs. With few attendees. But lots of accredited investors. And not much of an opportunity for the larger community to engage. Read More

Feel like investors are speaking a foreign language? Nitin Khanna helps translate it into English, baby!

As every startup knows, investment speak can be cryptic, at best. But luckily, we have folks decoding it for us.

Foundry Group partners and Urban Airship backers Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson created a Rosetta Stone with Venture Deals. And now, MergerTech‘s Nitin Khanna has provided another quick cheat sheet for English, baby! Read More

What to wear: Three Portland startups that are rethinking which clothes we buy online

You might not know this, but in some circles? Portland is seen to be a burgeoning hotbed of fashion.

No, not hipster chic. Traditional fashion. Like Portland Fashion Week. And local designers who win Project Runway. And that sort of thing. Read More

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