Month: December 2014

What did Silicon Florist 2014 look like?

Every year, as the year draws to a close, I like to go back and thumb through the stories that appeared on Silicon Florist. To take a look at everything from the companies mentions to the number of words I managed to shove into a mangled headline. And while I was mucking around, I thought it might be nice to get all retro and serve you up a year end word cloud. Read More

Five years ago, Portland's startup scene was approaching the end of a very long and incredibly rewarding day

Every year, as the holidays roll around, I am reminded of a time when we—as a scrappy startup scene—all pulled together as a group to do something amazing. It was truly a first. And it was a fortifying moment for what the Portland startup scene and its friends could accomplish when we put our minds—and hearts—to it. This year, it’s the five year anniversary of that event. It was called 30 Hour Day. Read More

Portland gets a new hackerspace. Meet CTRL-H.

Portland has seen a quiet resurgence in coworking and shared space activity as of late. Tech, makers, food, clothing… are all finding ways to collaborate in shared spaces. Even Starve Ups—the longest running accelerator in the area—is building out its footprint. But there are some young upstarts too. Like a new hackerspace in North Portland called CTRL-H. Read More

Is that a richer profile or are you just happy to see me? Janrain acquires Arktan

Portland has been thinking about users and behavior and profiles for a while. Since Webtrends days. And because of that, we’re seeing a number of companies who are rethinking the ways we effectively use data to create better experiences for customers. Janrain is one of those companies. And today they got even better at it. By acquiring Arktan. Read More

Celebrating founders and startups around the state with Built Oregon

I’ve spent more than seven years annoying you with bad grammar and third-rate prose on Silicon Florist. And it’s been awesome to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing founders in the Portland startup scene. But for all the awesomeness of Portland, I also realize that Oregon is a big state. With even more amazing founders. That’s what attracted me to Built Oregon. Read More

Why this has been an insanely—and historically—important week for the Portland startup scene

While Portland has been lucky to have a number of notable events in the startup scene—huge rounds of funding, sizable acquisitions, companies going public—it’s still more rare than we’d like. But momentum is gathering. And this week was a perfect example. That’s why I wanted to take a couple of seconds to highlight two important milestones: Tripwire was acquired and New Relic went public. Read More

More than just a game: Oregon Video Game Association begins to form

There are those rare times. You know, the ones. The ones when you know you’ve been lucky enough to be around at the formative stages. Times were you knew that you were witnessing the beginning of something special. You could feel the momentum building. And that’s just what it felt like tonight at OMSI as video game developers from around Oregon gathered. Read More

If you subscribe to one newsletter today, Portland Business Journal's new Portland TechFlash should be the one

We’ve all got a lot to do. Surfing around to Web sites or paying attention to social sometimes falls by the wayside. That’s why I always love seeing new newsletters—because I basically live and die by email. If you’re the same, have I got a treat for you. The Portland Business Journal just launched a newsletter focused purely on startup tech. Read More