Month: September 2016

24 hours of TriMet in three minutes

What if you could watch every single TriMet vehicle at the same time? Seeing the migratory patterns of vehicles as they traverse around town. Well, thanks to Eugene’s Moonshadow and their DB4IoT, you can. But you don’t have to watch in real time. They’ve captured 24 hour of activity and have compressed it to three minutes. Read More

By founders, for founders: Founders United Network helps Portland founders help one another

One of my favorite things about founders is that they’re problem solvers. Problem solvers who don’t wait for permission. They just see stuff that’s broken. And they come up with creative ways to fix it. So it should come as no surprise that—given the dearth of early stage startup support in the Portland area as of late—that a founder is looking to solve that problem. Introducing Founders United Network. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 19, 2016

Today’s links feature OEN award winner Tyrone Poole, black and latina women founders, Steve Case says Peter Thiel is wrong, and venture capital is one hell of a drug. Read More

Do or Donut.js. There is no try.

What if there were an awesome new JavaScript gathering? One that had interesting speakers, opportunities to meet other JavaScript types… and donuts? And what if all proceeds from the event went to a deserving charity? What? That sounds way too amazing. Well, get ready to be amazed. By Donut.js. Read More

Like startups? Want to spend more time on the Oregon coast? RAIN has the gig for you

One of my favorite things about the ever increasing popularity of startups is the fact that they’re no longer beholden to any single location. You don’t have to be in the Valley. You don’t have to be in the city. You just have to start. Wherever you are. So it makes sense that organizations designed to support entrepreneurs are extending their resources to help. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 15, 2016

Today on the precious linkses, Puppet hires new execs, Semaphoria unveils new Uncorked awesomeness, Miru takes on a white male dominated industry, Brian Michael Bendis provides business guidance from the world of comics, and more. Read More

Experiencing issues with access to capital? PDC wants to hear about it

Over the past few years, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) has taken an increasingly active role in helping early stage startups through the Startup PDX Challenge. But they do more than that. They’ve helped thousands of small and medium sized business secure capital. Still, they realize that there is always room for improvement. Read More

Continuing the conversation about early stage investment in the Portland startup community

Last week, I shared a post written by a Portland founder, recounting his experience while working to raise early stage capital, here in Portland. The post immediately sparked a conversation among Portland founders. And soon, Portland investors joined the conversation, as well. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 14, 2016

Today’s links include a retrospective on the last XOXO, a perspective on being a woman in technology, how Portland and Seattle employ talent differently, rallying Portland startups to help Street Roots, Brazi Bites shares Bootstrapping 101, and semifinalists for the Bend Venture Conference. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 13, 2016

In today’s links, questioning if startup accelerators and innovation districts really work, announcing the winner of the Foot Locker and PENSOLE design challenge, IOTAS impresses Oregon BEST, Eugene RAIN, and new directions for Free Geek. Read More

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