Centralizing marketing data: Portland startup Lytics launches Orchestrate

We have more access to more data points than we’ve ever had. And the more data we consume, the more ways we find to leverage that data. Perhaps no one finds this opportunity more compelling than digital marketing. But with an abundance of data—data which often falls into silos—there are challenges, as well. That’s why Portland’s Lytics has created Orchestrate.

You may be wondering how orchestration differs from the more familiar concept of marketing automation. These tools do exactly what they sound like: They let marketers automate marketing actions (like sending various emails as part of a drip campaign) based on pre-set rules (in the case of email automation, these rules are often based on whether the recipient opens or clicks on a particular email within the series). Marketing automation is essentially a series of if/then rules with one catch: they typically only work within the tool that you are using to author the journey.

With Lytics’ new orchestration tool, on the other hand, marketers can now choreograph various marketing tactics across different execution tools. For example, Facebook Ads, SendGrid emails or Lytics web personalization modals may be used as various experiences within a larger objective of converting anonymous users to purchasers. If a user converts on one of the tactics/experiences, they automatically flow into the next stage of the campaign.

According to Martech Today:

Orchestrate allows a marketer to track customer journeys from one phase to another, not as the time-based journeys that Salesforce and others enable, but as groups of campaign steps that relate to marketing goals within the journey.

For instance, the goal in one phase of the customer journey for one segment of users might be “converting anonymous users to buyers,” and one of the marketing tactics to accomplish that could be Facebook ads encouraging users to add items to their shopping carts. The dashboard shows when that tactic is in progress or has been completed.

For more information, visit Lytics.

[Full disclosure: Lytics is an alum of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. Oddly enough, Orchestrate is an alum of PIE, as well. But this product is not product that company offered.]