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Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 1, 2016

Today’s link arrangement includes information on Oregon BEST FEST, Deadstock Coffee, Billy, former Trail Blazer Brian Grant, Nations as startups, and SpaceX & Facebook. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for August 30, 2016

Here’s another collection of (what I found to be) interesting links. Among them, Skyward, PolySync, the cofounder myth, the next great platform, Chirpify, Nike, SETI, Grimm, and more than a Eugene teen wanted in a senior photo. Read More

Silicon Florist links arrangement for August 29, 2016

[Editor’s note: Back in the day—you know, when people used to actually blog—I would try to throw together link roundups to help share some of the stuff that other folks had written. Or maybe that I found super interesting but didn’t seem to fall within the “Portland tech startup” beat. I’m bringing this back for a limited time. Partially for old time’s sake. And partially because it seems needed.] Read More

Locally sourced: eROI, Urban Airship alum Dylan Boyd named Managing Director for Nike+ Accelerator, powered by TechStars

When you hear that there’s a new company coming to Portland, you always hold hope that they’ll work to use local resources whenever possible. Upon learning that TechStars was coming to town to help Nike, my first fear for the program was that they would be importing all of the talent to run the show. Well, that fear has been allayed. Read More

Portland reddit: Relying on the power of predditors for the latest on all things Portland

Portland reddit is one of those sub-reddits. And if you’ve never had a chance to check it out, now would be a very good time. It’s timely, relevant, and widely varied in topics. Best of all, those Portland redditors—or predditors for short—are as eclectic as the topics on which they post.

Remember when I got a little snippy at The Oregonian reddit and tried to create a Silicon Florist reddit? Good. I’m glad you don’t. Because it was a big fat steaming bucket full of fail.

But along about that time, Portland reddit really started to take off. And now, more than 2500 subscribers strong Portland reddit is a great resource for finding all sorts of interesting stuff about all things Portland. Read More

Following the Florist: Consuming content and interacting with Silicon Florist readers

Well, how about reminding you about all the ways you can consume Silicon Florist content and interact with the awesome startup community here in the Silicon Forest?

It may be a short week, but it’s not a slow news week. That said, it is the Friday of a short week. And posting about really cool startups or important news may get lost in the haze of moving into the weekend.

What to do? What to do?

I’ve got it! How about taking care of some housekeeping around the ol’ Silicon Florist?

What kind of housekeeping you ask? Well, how about reminding you about all the ways you can consume Silicon Florist content and interact with the awesome startup community here in the Silicon Forest? Read More

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 28

Hackfest at Ristretto this Sunday: 10am-?

Via Open Source Bridge “We’ll be getting together again this Sunday, March 29, at Ristretto (3808 N Williams) starting at 10am to hack on Open Source Bridge-related code, and work on contacting User Group and university outreach.”

(tags: opensource opensourcebridge bridge events hacking hackfest portland oregon volunteers)

We were on the news — Chris Kalani DOT com!

Chris Kalani and his wild and crazy friends managed to make it on KGW The Square with a sweet pyramid.

(tags: kgw portland oregon chriskalani thesquare bizarre)

Changes at Jive

Via Jive “And one of the tougher transitions for me will be saying goodbye to our Chief Marketing Officer, Sam Lawrence, who is leaving Jive at the end of this month. Sam is a great friend and a great marketer. He was an instrumental part of moving this company from a small technology vendor to the category leader – from the initial Clearspace direction to developing creative ways to evangelize this new space.”

(tags: portland oregon jive samlawrence employees transition)

moneyStrands goes mobile – twice!

Via Strands “Used to be your financial data was sentenced to solitary confinement in many hard to navigate web sites each singing a different tune and sporting a different look. Well, would you care to say ‘No more!’ with us? You can keep all your accounts with other sites and institutions but for your regular ‘Let’s check if any financial Gremlins have been sneaking up on me?’ rituals you now have moneyStrands’ free mobile versions.”

(tags: corvallis oregon strands moneystrands mobile features)

Hacker space, sounds good!

Via strdup “The hackerspace idea is obviously one I’m interested in. I have my own proposal for one, but tailored less of a 24-hour space for random hacking encounters, and more as an un-office to give remote-working people an in-person community of peers.”

(tags: hacking portland opensource opensourcebridge bridge hacker lounge)

Making Sense of Clearspace and Jive Social Business Software (SBS)

Via Jive “Admittedly, it is early and the cynical may dismiss this move as pure marketing or hand waving. But, I’m willing to predict that the skeptics will fall silent over time. The module offerings were strongly pulled by our customers and will have an incredible amount of uptake. Our solution focused Centers strategy was not created on a whiteboard, but from a deep assessment of the way our customers are actually using our products. All we are doing is making their experience easier, cleaner, and more powerful by productizing and packaging our software in a way that provides clear solutions to large business problems.”

(tags: portland oregon jive clearspace social business sbs)

Mayor turns out for startups, “studying” their proposal – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “When startups rallied for more state investment last week, Portland Mayor Sam Adams and members of his economic development team were among the hundreds who turned out.”

(tags: oregonian portland oregon mayor samadams startups entrepreneurs funding stimulus mikerogoway siliconforest)

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 26

Open source conference prerequisite #1: Space for hacking

Via Open Source Bridge “When we had the opportunity to build Open Source Bridge, one of our primary concerns was that we had plenty of space for hacking. But we weren’t thinking a couch in the hall or a bunch of people crammed around the table. And we wanted our attendees to have something better than a desperate search for places with outlets, wifi, and space to code at 3:45 AM. We were thinking about dedicated space for hacking, 24-hours a day.”

(tags: opensource oregon portland events conferences osbridge community hacking opensourcebridge bridge)

WikiBirthday 2009: 14 years of collaboration

Via AboutUs “March 25th marks a very special day in the history of the Internet. 14 years ago today, Ward Cunningham publicly launched the revolutionary technology that is the wiki.”

(tags: aboutus wiki portland oregon birthday wardcunningham anniversary)

End Awkwardness and Get Social at Beer and Blog

Via Beer and Blog “Last time I wrote, I said that March would focus on social skillz. Well it’s still March, so get out your party hat and floss your teeth. Yes, now that we’ve walloped bloglessness and joblessness, this Friday we’ll be putting an End to Awkwardness!*”

(tags: portland oregon beerandblog beer blog events awkwardness)

Mega Spy now in public beta

Via Clicky “Go to your Spy page, then click the “test the mega spy beta” link to check it out. It still has some issues and is not yet feature complete, but we’ve drastically increased the performance since the original beta was released on Friday. It now runs very fast on all browsers, including MSIE. This will also really help you out if you have a slow computer.”

(tags: portland oregon clicky tracking analytics features)

Startup CEO Sebastian Rapport of Ontier – OTBC (Beaverton, OR) –

Via OTBC “In spite of the difficult economy, Ontier CEO Sebastian Rapport recently closed an investment round, launched a product, and added tech heavy-weights Paul Gulick and Les Fahey to the Ontier Board. At this lunch program, Sebastian will talk about Ontier, share some lessons learned, and give attendees a peek at Ontier’s Pixetell™ product, which provides ‘The Power of In-Person Interaction and the Convenience of Email.’ Join us to hear about this local success story in the making!”

(tags: beaverton oregon events ontier otbc pixetell demo)

Ontier donates options to entrepreneurship group – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian –

Mike Rogoway writes “Portland-based Ontier, which makes online communications tools, is donating 250,000 stock options to the Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest. A fifth of the donation comes from investor and board member Les Fahey and Ontier CEO Sebastian Rapport.”

(tags: ontier portland oregon entrepreneurship entrepreneurs sebastianrapport efnw northwest lesfahey)

Thanks Ward, for Inventing the Wiki 14 Years Ago Today

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Every time a person learns that they can edit the content on a web page, view the history of edits by other people and become a part of that history as their edits become subject to further editing – that’s a life-changing experience. 14 years and a whirlwind of innovation later, wiki is still probably the best example of collaboration on this social technology we call the web. So thanks, Ward, for inventing the wiki. The world is a much better place for it.”

(tags: wiki birthday history wardcunningham portland oregon)

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 11

Give Meaning to Technology With Stories | Simplicity Rules

Adam DuVander writes “Other Open Source projects could stand to learn from this. Heck, so could any technology that requires documentation. This stuff isn’t just for marketers.”

(tags: simplicity insight portland oregon adamduvander)

Five Simple Ways to Improve an AboutUs Page: Part II

Via AboutUs “Yesterday in Part I of our series on five ways to improve an AboutUs page, we gave a tutorial on how to add a Summary. The next step is just as easy.”

(tags: howto aboutus portland oregon tips wiki information) at SXSW Interactive 2009

Andy Baio writes “So I’m making my yearly pilgrimage to Austin for SXSW Interactive again this year. No crazy Worst Website Ever antics this time, but I will be speaking at a couple events, if you want to get together.”

(tags: portland oregon andybaio sxsw waxy)

Webdesktop now open source

Via Steven Frank “In 2002, I wrote a very simple program that would overlay a WebKit browser over your desktop. I haven’t worked on it in a very long time, and occasionally I get emails asking what happened to it. So, here it is, if you’re still using it and have an itch to scratch!”

(tags: portland oregon stevenf stevenfrank mac code opensource cocoa)

RPX WordPress Plugin Now Available

Via JanRain “We have just released the first version of our RPX plugin for WordPress. The plugin adds RPX based authentication to WordPress user accounts, as well as for blog commenters.”

(tags: portland oregon openid janrain rpx wordpress plugins)

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 10

SLL: Shizzow is Everywhere | OurPDX

Cami Kaos writes “Friday night we were joined by Ryan Snyder and Dawn Foster of our friendly local Shizzow! We had a great time with them on the couch talking about Shizzow going global. Listen to (or watch) the Tech Edition to find out more about Shizzow and get info about SXSWi!”

(tags: portland oregon sll strangelovelive camikaos shizzow ryansnyder dawnfoster geekygirldawn drnormal)

CLIF BAR Save Our Snow iPhone App

Another cool iPhone app from Raven Zachary and team “Fight global warming on your iPhone by making an informed choice about where to ski or snowboard. Too warm for snow? Freeze over your iPhone screen with a single breath.”

(tags: iphone ravenme ravenzachary semaphoria apple apps applications clif snow sos)

Five Simple Ways to Improve an AboutUs Page

Via AboutUs “In all types of wikis, we often see folks who have something of value to contribute but just need a few ideas to jump-start their efforts. If you’re feeling that way in regards to our community, here are five things you can do to create a more comprehensive, effective, and attractive page on AboutUs.”

(tags: aboutus wiki portland oregon insight howto tips)

1,000 posts later… a reminder of CAOS Theory’s raison d’être

Via The 451 Group “This is the one thousandth post to have been published on the 451 CAOS Theory blog, three years and six days since Raven wrote the first post, describing the blog’s raison d’être. It’s interesting to look back at Raven’s first post as a reminder as to why the CAOS Theory blog was launched and how it continues to add value to what we do and – we hope – the open source ecosystem at large.”

(tags: insight 451group caostheory opensource 451 blogs bloggers)

Data Flows and Crises in Online Reputation Economies

Amber Case writes “In a global, ever-connected economy, it is finally possible to rely on citizen media outlets to receive news almost as soon as it happens, however, people often have a limited basis on which to determine validity. Online, time and space for information gathering is compressed. This also means that time and space for decision making is also reduced. This is why online social networks try to use online metrics to establish validity in as short amount of time as possible.”

(tags: ambercase caseorganic portland oregon reputation insight data twitter)

My Strategy for Keeping Up with People & Info at SXSW

Dawn Foster writes “This afternoon, Katherine Gray (aka @thiskat) asked me about my strategy for keeping up with everything at sxsw, and I realized that I didn’t really have one. Here’s a start of one, but I would love to hear what tools other people are using.”

(tags: portland oregon dawnfoster geekygirldawn sxsw insight)

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