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Don’t just listen to the voice of the customer; incorporate it

If there’s one thing that modern day startup existence continues to hammer home for founders, it’s this: talk to customers. Potential customers. Current customers. Past customers. They’re all treasure troves of what’s working and what’s not. But once you’ve heard their feedback, what then? Well, that’s what an upcoming ProductStack PDX gathering is hoping to illuminate.

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Long term stay: Airbnb's Portland office is now officially open

While we’ve all known about Airbnb‘s office in Portland for quite some time, it’s never quite official and real until there’s an office warming or something. Or maybe it’s a video. A video makes it really real. So, I guess Airbnb is really officially here here. In Portland. Read More

Opinion: TAO urges Portland City Council to proceed with caution on short-term rental regulations

[Editor: The following is an opinion from the Technology Association of Oregon. Full disclosure, I am on the board of the TAO.]

This Wednesday, the Portland City Council will consider new proposals to enforce short-term rental regulations. It is critical that Commissioners take the time to carefully weigh and address legitimate individual privacy interests involved with the City’s desire to expand its enforcement authority. Read More

Portland, Oregon, is the inaugural Airbnb Shared City

Portland is often recognized for its urban planning and livability. And those of us around these parts tend to stick around because of it. Well, now one of the newest startups to call Portland home, is reveling in that exact same thing. Airbnb has named Portland its first “Shared City.” Read More

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