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OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards get downright webby for 2009

Usually when it comes to entrepreneurial awards in the Silicon Forest, I do my best to cheer for the Web, open source, and mobile startups who receive nominations. And then I usually wind up crying in my beer when the awards are handed to apparel and biotech startups.

But not this year, my friend. Oh no. This time around the OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards recognized three Web types with awards: Ray King of AboutUs, Jama Software, and Monsoon. All Portland-based, respectively. Read More

Watching the Emmys? Portland Drupal developers will be

Yes, yes. Everyone’s all excited about Portland playing host to Leverage—well, okay, not everyone but you know what I mean. And, as such, there’s all of this talk about PDX becoming little Hollywood or Trolleywood or Hippiewood or whatever.

But that’s just one small segment of the Hollywood experience. Anyone who knows Hollywood knows that the real pomp and circumstance takes place on the venerable red carpet. That’s right, my friend. Awards shows. That’s where it’s at.

And guess what? Portland’s got a part of that, too. No, I’m serious. Portland-based Metal Toad Media is the magic behind emmys.com. Read More

Oregon Entrepreneur Network Tom Holce Awards finalists feature a couple of Silicon Florist regulars

And I’m happy to report that, with the announcement of the finalists for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Tom Holce Awards, there are a couple of Silicon Florist regulars—out of the 14 nominees—getting the recognition they so richly deserve.

[HTML3]Now, I know many of you continue to work and slave on your entrepreneurial pursuits because you’re driven to do so. Quite frankly, you can’t help it. You just have to do it. So, whether you’re recognized or not, you’re going to keep doing what you’re doing.

But still, isn’t it always nice to be recognized? Sure it is. And I’m happy to report that, with the announcement of the finalists for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Tom Holce Awards, there are a couple of Silicon Florist regulars—out of the 14 nominees—getting the recognition they so richly deserve. Read More

Every tweet counts: Vote for WebVisions Webvisionary People’s Choice Award

Tonight, WebVisions will hold its second Webvisionary Awards, but there’s still some work to do before that takes place: voting for the People’s Choice Award. Or I guess, more appropriately, tweeting for the People’s Choice.

Tweeting? That’s right. All of the votes for the People’s Choice will be cast via Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. Each entry has a short code. Just send a direct message—that’s a d not an @—to @wv09 with that short code and your vote will be counted.

Sad you’re not attending WebVisions? You can still get into the Webvisionary Awards—because it’s open to the public.

So who needs your votes? Read More

Portland’s Sabrix takes on Quicken, E*Trade, and Dow Jones (for the Stevie Awards People’s Choice)

Given that even I have grown weary of bitching about the latest Twitter kerfuffle, I thought I might try and post something positive.

And what could be more positive than giving a local startup a little oomph as it competes with some heavyweights for a prestigious award? Well, nothing of which I can think, at the moment.

And while sales and tax management software startups aren’t the usual ilk of what I cover around here, I do love a good David and Goliath story. So here it goes… Read More

Awards night in the Pacific Northwest means nods for GadgetTrak, Jive

I’m unofficially dubbing tonight “awards night” for the Pacific Northwest tech scene, given that we had two competing awards shows—Oregon Tech Awards and the Seattle 2.0 Awards—handing out statuettes to impressive tech companies all up and down the Pacific coast.

For the Oregon Tech Awards, two Silicon Florist regulars managed to walk away with top honors. Jive Software was named the Emerging Company of the Year and GadgetTrak was named Cool Product of the Year. The only downside was that Ontier—another one on whom I try to keep an eye—was also in the running for Cool Product. Read More

Beyond the Forest: Seattle Lunch 2.0

Josh Maher, the Seattle Lunch 2.0 guy, has a happy hour Lunch 2.0 planned for this coming Friday, April 17 at blist.

I know Rick’s reach stretches up north, so if you’re near Seattle, check out Lunch 2.0. It’s a blast; I know because we made a little road trip up there a month ago to check it out and spread the Open Source Bridge word. And it was good.

And, if you split time between Portland and Seattle, like Brian Westbrook does, you can enjoy nearly twice the free lunches, and who can argue with that?

Seattle Lunch 2.0 is also in the running for a Seattle 2.0 award in the “Best Social Event for Startups” category. The awards are focused on Seattle startups and will be held on May 7, 2009.

So, if you feel so inclined, head over and vote. You can do so until April 28.

Good luck Josh.

So SoMe: Social Media Awards launched to coincide with InnoTech

Social Media AwardsLooking for a little recognition of your prowess in social media? I have an award for you, my friend.

The Social Media Club of Portland, SEMpdx, the Software Association of Oregon (SAO), and InnoTech have joined forces to launch “SoMe Awards: Your Social Media Awards,” an award designed to recognize “outstanding social media projects and the people who created them.”

No, despite the date, I’m not joking. I did that already.

Oh okay. So here’s one more little joke and then we can get on with reality.

Social Media prowess

The SoMe Award (whose URL someawards.com reminds me of someecards, which prompted me to use the image above) will be held Thursday, April 23, at InnoTech.

Want to register yourself, a client, or a friend? Simply head over to the SoMe Award nomination form before midnight on April 11. Categories include Superstar, House Party, Next Big Thing, Scrappy, Sugar Daddy, Bloviater, and Wildcard.

What are they looking for?

We encourage nominees to make it EASY for the judges to review your work and provide as much detail as necessary. We advise a landing page or micro-site that explains why your project is award-worthy and walks the judges through the elements you want them to be aware of (no word-count limitations here). This is the place to make your pitch! Highlight your creativity, ground-breaking ideas, coding artistry, marketing effectiveness, statistics – whatever is most award-worthy about your project. Don’t assume judges will click through elements you have not highlighted as important! Be clear about what they should look at.

Note: the judges are from another state and likely will not know the nominees to make the process as impartial as possible.

So get all your social ducks in a row and fill out the form. Or get your clients to nominate you. I think you could use a new trophy on your desk. Or to haul around with you from coffee shop to coffee shop.


COLOURlovers: Portland site could be one of the top 50 on the Web

COLOURloversPortland-based COLOURlovers has had quite a run as of late. Nominated for a Webby twice in a row. Winning a WebVisions Web Visionary Award. And now this: COLOURlovers has been nominated as one of the top 50 sites for 2008 by Time Magazine.

Now, I was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year a couple of years back (as were you), so I know what type of notoriety this type of distinction can deliver. Why not give COLOURlovers a fighting chance?

I’m not advising you to stuff the ballot box or anything. But if you’re a fan of COLOURlovers, you should definitely take a couple of seconds to vote.