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Concerned about keeping company culture in our new fully remote work world? Portland startup ChatFox wants to help

In an instant, every company became a remote company. Regardless of culture. Regardless of market. Everyone who managed to survive the instantaneous and cataclysmic downturn was suddenly working from home. And juggling any number of duties in addition to their day job. And just as suddenly, things that used to require a personal touch simply couldn’t.

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Given that starting a company is kind of a gamble, Startup Poker 2.0 might be right up your alley

I don’t think I’m grasping for an analogy when I say that starting a company is like gambling. It is. It’s all about the timing. And the folks who are attracted to that sort of thing? They tend to like taking the risks. So it’s no surprise that a lot of those risk takers are attracted to Startup Poker 2.0.

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