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That's the ticket: Mobile ticketing startup GlobeSherpa recognized as TiE Oregon's 2012 success story

I’ve got to say. I love what TiE is doing around here. And they’re continuing to gain momentum. This week, they highlighted TiE Oregon’s success story for 2012. The honoree? GlobeSherpa, a Portland Seed Fund alum and a TiE Oregon investment. Read More

REMINDER: AppThwack presents at Mobile Portland tonight

In a world of millions of apps, testing your app can be the difference between getting noticed and getting deleted. That’s why the folks from AppThwack will be discussing tonight at Mobile Portland with “Two Strikes, You’re Out: The Importance of Testing.” Read More

Heading to SXSW? Don't miss Urban Airship's Mobile Saturday

If you’ve been to an event at Urban Airship‘s Portland headquarters, you may be familiar with a giant metal dirigible that sits alongside the meeting space in the building. What you may not know is that contraption was slated to be part of a big SXSW event, last year. If it hadn’t rained most of the time. Read More

See how Portland International Airport (PDX) uses Meridian for managing internal mobile maps

Portland has one of the better airports around. But when you’re hurrying to a flight or trying to grab a bite between planes, every little bit helps. That’s when a lot of folks pull out their phones and look for a little guidance. Read More

Hacking discoverability: Selfpubd inks deal with Taptica to promote indie mobile apps

Talk to any independent mobile app developer and—without fail—they’ll all have one concern in common: discoverability. You see, in a world where apps are proliferating and large corporations can afford to spend millions to promote them, independent developers are often left doing anything they can to be seen. Read More

Going out to eat this weekend? Save yourself the runaround with TablesUp

Portland’s brunch villages aside, most folks hate having to wait for a table at restaurants. And most restaurants are less than tech savvy. But TablesUp is hoping to solve both those issues. Read More

Mobile app development in Oregon accounts for half a billion dollars in economic impact

Oregon was recently named as one of the top states for mobile app development. And if you’ve been paying any attention, whatsoever, to our startup scene? That probably comes as little surprise. But what might be surprising is how much of an economic impact those mobile apps are driving: It’s a hair more than $500 million in total. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland shares lessons learned from a re-startup mobile company, tonight

From the “better late than never” files… I wanted to remind you—especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur—that Mobile Portland has a great presentation tonight on lessons learned from running a mobile startup. Read More

Another Upstart: Celly expands beyond Occupy Movement to improve student-teacher communication

For all of the technology in our pockets these days, text messages remain the common denominator—and connector—for anyone carrying a mobile device. And no one knows that better than Celly, a Portland startup that’s taking full advantage of this shared communications platform. Read More

Portland mobile developers: The Square is looking for a few good apps

You know those tabs you leave open in your browser, week after week? “Oh that’s interesting,” your inner monologue tells you. “I should do something with that.”

Well, I’ve had one of those tabs sitting there. And I figured it would be better to just write something quick. In case you missed it. Read More

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