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Running with responsive Web design: Athletepath at Mobile Portland, this Monday

Portland startup Athletepath had a big test this weekend when they provided the official race results for the largest relay race in the world, the Hood To Coast Relay. And to serve that massive audience, they had to have a mobile presence that could withstand the onslaught of tens of thousands of athletes and fans. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland focuses on building mobile apps for emerging technology regions, Monday night

More often than not, mobile app development focuses on the newest whiz bang technology for the coolest new handsets. (That’s right. I said “whiz bang.” I’m not afraid.) But what about building apps for people in regions with emerging technology? Read More

Make mine Titanium: Geoloqi powers battery efficient geolocation for Appcelerator Titanium

Geoloqi, the Portland startup that’s making location based tools easier for developers to adopt, has been strangely quiet lately. Too quiet.

And today, it became obvious why. The company has just announced a Geoloqi module for Appcelerator Titanium. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland discusses what happens when the robots win

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Mobile Portland is the best thing going around here, right now. And now, Mobile Portland is even more mobile. They’ve moved the gathering to tonight, because the last Monday of the month is Memorial Day.

And what better topic than discussing how your smart devices are more sentient than you think? Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland Demolicious, tonight

Whenever people ask me what events they should be attending, the first thing I mention is Mobile Portland. It’s easily the best tech event going, these days—with a great mix of mobile and startup types. Read More

When he’s not busy running for mayor, Kveton is among the top names disrupting mobile

As I was browsing through a bunch of links this morning, I happened upon a post about “10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry.”

Being a sucker for lists, I clicked through. What surprised and pleased me was to see Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, listed among names like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square and Jaakko Iisalo of Angry Birds fame. Read More

Meet the Startup: Picking one of the brains behind Branium Studios

Portland and mobile go quite well together, as has been proven by any number of successful efforts around here. And a small but growing part of that local mobile market is gaming.

Meet Branium Studios, a small startup that takes games you know well and creates compelling mobile gaming experiences. Read More

Dive Head First into Mobile Web with some of Portland’s most respected mobile types

Want to learn something new this year? How about figuring out how to do mobile Web design the right way? Even better? How about learning how to do it the right way from the awesome folks at Cloud Four?

Portlanders Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby—two of the cofounders of Cloud Four—have just the title you need on your shelf: Head First Mobile Web. Read More

Could QR Codes be the code to crack model and actor head shots?

Oh QR Codes. You know, QR Codes right? Those black and white mottled squares that no one really seems to know how to use but that everyone seems more than happy to slap on stuff?

Well one Portland company may have found an application for them: more compelling head shots for models and actors. Meet ID. Read More

Meet the Startup: Finding our way with CrowdCompass

Events. We all attend them. We all try to get the most out of them. But honestly, when was the last time you really got anything out of your mobile experience at an event?

Well, Portland-based CrowdCompass is hoping to change that. By making the mobile experience at events more relevant, more complete, and more engaging. Read More

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