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Portland Mayor Sam Adams wants Portland to be a “hub for open source”

Portland Mayor Sam Adams opened the second day of Open Source Bridge with a keynote calling for increased collaboration between the City of Portland and the open source community.

[HTML4]Portland Mayor Sam Adams opened the second day of Open Source Bridge with a keynote calling for increased collaboration between the City of Portland and the open source community.

Why? In hopes of making Portland the “hub of open source” and—in a bit of throwing down the municipal open source gauntlet—vowing to “out open source” Vancouver, British Columbia, which has recently declared itself a completely open city.

“Bottom line: the city government has unnecessarily been closed in proprietary software and has been a a laggard in using open source software,” said Adams. And he wants to see Portland change that. Read More

Open Source Bridge: A peek at the hacker lounge

One of the most anticipated components of the Open Source Bridge conference—which is currently running in the convention center through Friday—was the 24-hour hacker lounge at the top of the Hilton.

The space opened yesterday afternoon and as the evening wore on, a number of developers managed to work their way up to the top floor to hack on everything from Arduino projects to using YQL to manipulate government data.

Don Park captured some video to give you a feel for the space. Read More

What if we could get Wil Wheaton to show up for Open Source Bridge?

Every so often, we’re struck by some interesting serendipity here in Portland. It’s part of what makes this town so amazing. Now, I’m wondering if we can take advantage of some of that serendipity—yet again.

You see, this week we’re experiencing a little happenstance with Open Source Bridge geekiness and Wil Wheaton geekiness all happening at the same time.

What if…? What if we could combine the two? Read More

Ignite Portland and Open Source Bridge lead to impressive OpenConferenceWare

Side project beget side projects. At least that’s the case with OpenConferenceWare, an impressive proposal and scheduling system developed Igal Koshevoy and Reid Beels.

While the name may of the system—affectionately dubbed OCW—may not be familiar to you, it’s pretty likely you’ve come into contact with it.

Why? Because It’s the system that Igal and Reid developed to help them manage a couple of other side projects with which they’ve been critical components: Ignite Portland and Open Source Bridge. Read More

Open Source Bridge or Marshall Kirkpatrick? Pick one (relax, you can’t go wrong)

Remember that one scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? You know the one. Near the end? Where they finally find the Holy Grail but it’s mixed up with all the chalices and cups and whatnot? Well, there will be no “He [or she] chose… poorly” tonight, my friend. Pick either the Open Source Bridge Volunteer Orientation or Portland Web Innovators featuring Marshall Kirkpatrick on APIs. No matter what, you’ll come off as wise as Indiana.

Need more than that to go on? Okay okay. Here’s what you’ve got. Read More

Awesome women in tech: Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright

A incredibly insightful woman once said, “Encourage your community to take time to step back and enjoy their work.” And since I just read her saying that today, I thought I would stop for a second to emphasize just how lucky we are to have the community we do. We’ve got events going every night and practically every weekend. We’ve got good chatter online and off. And we’re creating and building a lot of cool stuff—sometimes purely through volunteer efforts.

Two of those amazing volunteer projects are Calagator and Open Source Bridge. And two of the awesome people behind those efforts are Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright. Read More

Reminder: Lunch 2.0 this Thursday at Webtrends

Amidst the flurry of activity recently, maybe you didn’t notice there will be another chapter in the PDX Lunch 2.0 saga this Thursday, June 4 at Webtrends.

The kind people at Webtrends have agreed to give Open Source Bridge a forum to chat about theĀ  conference, which is quickly approaching, June 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center.

Remember Open Source Bridge, the volunteer-run conference for open source citizens? Read More

Strange Love Live: Open Source Bridge’s Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright

Tonight, everyone’s favorite Portland tech podcast will be featuring everyone’s favorite Portland open source conference. That’s right. Strange Love Live is chatting with the co-founders of Open Source Bridge.

“What’s Open Source Bridge, you ask?” he said with the full disclosure that he was acting as a marketing volunteer and that Silicon Florist was a media sponsor.

Why, it’s an entirely volunteer run conference for open source citizens being help June 17 – 19, 2009 at the Oregon Convention Center. Read More

Lunch 2.0 at Webtrends

Although I didn’t make it to the last Lunch 2.0, hosted by WebVisions at the Oregon Convention Center, I hear it was a good time.

I also hear the poor WebVisions volunteers were a bit flustered trying to check badges on unsuspecting lunch-goers. Sorry about that.

And poor Rick was operating at half capacity due to seasonal allergies. Poor guy. Read More

Open Source Bridge announces final schedule

[Full disclosure: I’m volunteering to help the Open Source Bridge team with marketing efforts.]

Open Source Bridge—a gathering of open source citizens and open source curious taking place in Portland, June 17-19—has been a labor of love for a number of members of our community. And for that reason, it’s really great to see the final pieces of the event begin to fall into place.

Today, the Open Source Bridge team released the final schedule for the structured portion of the event. (The final day will be in an unconference format.) Read More

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