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Moving beyond venture capital: Portland’s Luke Kanies proposes we rethink the financing of software startups

Not so long ago, banks were a viable means of financing business. But as the terms of that financing became more inaccessible and onerous, we saw new models arise. One of those models was venture capital. Now—thanks in part to efforts like the Zebra movement—the VC model is beginning to show its own imperfections, inadequacies, and inaccessibility. So it only makes sense that folks would start thinking about new models for financing. One of those folks is Portland’s Luke Kanies, founder and former CEO of Puppet.

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Master of Puppet: Luke Kanies transitions Puppet CEO role to Sanjay Mirchandani

I’ve had the pleasure of covering Puppet ever since they relocated to Portland. Back when they were called Reductive Labs. And throughout that time, founder Luke Kanies has been at the helm. But today, that all changed. Read More

Big day for Puppet. Yeah, it's just Puppet.

It only stands to reason that a company that started its life as Reductive Labs would wind up reducing the complexity of their name. But that’s one of the many things that Puppet—yeah, it’s just Puppet now—announced today. Read More

We Code: Nike and Puppet Labs host second women's hackathon

Portland has no shortage of hackathons. But it’s always nice to see something with a particular focus or centered around a certain community. And what’s even nicer? When they happen on a regular basis. Which is why I’m psyched to see We Code—a women’s hackathon hosted by Nike and Puppet Labs—which is taking place for the second time. Read More

They grow up so fast: Puppet Labs is 10

It seems like just yesterday that Reductive Labs was moving to Portland. And now look at them, all grown up. In a big new office. With amazing customers. It’s great to see Puppet Labs hitting the 10 year mark. Read More

Why work at Puppet Labs?

You know me. I’m a sucker for a good video. Mostly because it means I don’t have to write a lot of copy. Err… I mean, you’ve seen me go all giddy over those Techtown Portland videos. But what’s even better? When you get a single startup showcasing what they’re trying to do. And how they work. And what makes them special. Whether they hype Portland or not. That’s why I was really happy to see this new video from Portland’s Puppet Labs. Read More

From Puppet curious to true Puppeteer: Join the crew for Puppet Camp Portland, January 14

What did I tell you about Portland being campy? Another day. Another camp. Camp camp campity camp. Now, you’ve got the opportunity to hang out with the Puppet faithful and some of the Puppet Labs crew at Puppet Camp Portland. Read More

Geppetto joins the other Puppet masters: Puppet Labs acquires Cloudsmith

When tech startups get an infusion of cash, they have a tendency to hire and acquire. Or sometimes combine the two with—get your buzzword bingo card out—acquihiring. So it comes as little surprise that Puppet Labswho took in an additional $30 million, earlier this year—has acquired Cloudsmith, makers of Geppetto. Read More

What does Puppet Labs do? An explanation from cofounder Teyo Tyree

Puppet Labs was the breakout hit at the 2010 Under the Radar conference.

This year, cofounder Teyo Tyree is back to give a talk on how they’ve matured. And it’s a great overview of what Puppet does. Read More

Puppet Labs promotes Nigel Kersten to CTO

It’s always nice to see Portland startups adding executive talent. It’s even nicer when those folks have worked their way up to that position.

Such is the case with Nigel Kersten at Puppet Labs, who was just appointed CTO. Read More

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