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Where Portland’s Athletic & Outdoor, Software, and Clean Tech clusters should meet

[Editor’s Note: While the Portland Development Commission (PDC) works with the software community, they’re also in the midst of working on other industries in which Portland shows strengths. Most notably, athletic and outdoor apparel and clean tech clusters. Guest writer and serial entrepreneur Dave Chase, whom you may remember from “10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup,” is back with an interesting take on where all of these clusters could collaborate.]

This week, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) announced a new action plan to foster what they are now calling “The Athletic and Outdoor Industry Cluster.” Shortly thereafter, I watched a video of an innovative Scandinavian energy company. They have managed to turn a boring energy company into something decidedly more interesting integrating exercise into the energy grid and rewarding people accordingly. More on that below… Read More

REMINDER: Last chance to respond to last software community survey from the Portland Development Commission

I know, I know. You’re already halfway to your Halloween costume and candy coma. But I was wondering if I might take just a few seconds of your time before you build up another pile of fun size wrappers on your desk?

The Portland Development Commission’s last survey to get a pulse on the Portland software community’s needs closes today. That’s right. Today. So take your sugar-infused self on over to the survey and answer a few questions. Read More

REMINDER: Talk to the Portland Development Commission (PDC) today about the software community and the latest survey results

Just a quick reminder that if you’re in the Portland software community and have some time this afternoon, it would be a great idea to swing by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) to chat about the Portland software community.

During the event, the PDC will reveal the results of the survey they just conducted—the second in a series of surveys of the Portland software community—and discuss those results with attendees. Read More

Have you responded to the second PDC software community survey yet? Want to talk about it?

Remember that survey that the Portland Development Commission was running? The second survey of the Portland software community?

Well, time is running out for you to respond. Like really running out. Like it closes today. So if you’re interested in responding, I highly suggest you hop on over to the PDC survey and complete it. Read More

Survey, survey, who has the survey? Portland Development Commission (PDC) does. For you. Again.

Remember a few months back when you took that Portland Development Commission (PDC) survey about the state of the Portland software market? Remember the kerfuffle—albeit a justified one—that took place immediately following the release of the results?

Well, as planned, the PDC has released the next instantiation of the survey, designed to dive deeper into some of the questions and to keep the conversation with the software community going. Oh, yeah, you saw where I was going, didn’t you? Yeah. Well. Would you? Would you please take a moment to respond to the PDC software survey? Read More

memePDX 036: Live from WebVisions, Jive moves HQ, Portland software community census, Stumptown Game Machine acquired, Google I/O

Watch memePDX where Cami Kaos and I cover Jive software moving its headquarters to Palo Alto, the Portland software community census, Stumptown Game Machine getting acquired, and the Google news coming out of the I/O conference.

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of memePDX, where we cover the hottest tech stories in Portland…and beyond.

It has come to our attention that a fair number of you missed the live episode from WebVisions last week. And since it was our first ever live episode of memePDX, that made us a little sad. For you. But buck up, little camper. Everything will be okay. Because you can see that episode now. Read More

Town Hall: Discuss the results of the initial Portland Development Commission (PDC) software cluster survey

So now the town hall discussion will be held this Wednesday, May 26, beginning at 4:30 PM at Wieden + Kennedy (who was kind enough to offer up the space given that the PDC was booked).

As you may know, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) is currently engaged in a project designed to help them assess and better understand the state and size of the software industry in Portland. To this end, they have engaged the community in an initial survey and they have plans for at least two others.

Originally, the PDC wanted to discuss these results with the community last week. But when several parties mentioned that it conflicted with WebVisions, PDC took that feedback to heart and rescheduled. So now the town hall discussion will be held this Wednesday, May 26, beginning at 4:30 PM at Wieden + Kennedy (who was kind enough to offer up the space given that the PDC was booked). Read More

REMINDER: Take a few seconds to respond to the Portland software community census

Because there has been no measurement of that group. Until now. The Portland software community census is designed to take a stab at coming up with that magic number.

When I talk about the Portland software development and open source scenes, one of the first questions I always get—always—is “Sounds interesting. About how many people in Portland are involved in the software community there?”

And inevitably, as that question hangs in the air, I stare blankly. Smile feebly. And say, “A lot. There are a lot.” Because fact of the matter is: we have no idea. Maybe there are 50,000. Maybe there are 200. There’s no telling. Because there has been no measurement of that group. Until now. The Portland software community census is designed to take a stab at coming up with that magic number. Read More

Portland Development Commission (PDC) releases initial results from Software cluster survey

Remember a few weeks back, when I asked you—well, actually, implored you, begged you—to respond to a survey about the current state of software development? You remember, the one sponsored by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) (@pdxdevelopment)?

Well a whole bunch of you took the time to respond. (Thank you!) And now the PDC has released the results of the survey. Read More

Tell the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) where to go. Please.

[HTML2]Usually when you get the infamous “customer satisfaction” survey asking for your input, it’s abundantly clear that what the survey is really designed to do is cover someone’s ass. They don’t want your feedback. They want you to give them five stars across the board and tell them you wouldn’t change a thing.

But this latest survey from the Software Association of Oregon is different. I think—nay I believe—they truly want to hear your feedback. Not just the feedback of existing members. They want feedback from everyone in the Silicon Forest tech scene. Long story short, they want your feedback.

And I believe they want you to be blunt.

Why do I believe this? Any number of reasons. Read More