Month: July 2011

Let’s take this offline: Anonymous posting bills in southwest Portland

While Anonymous—a decentralized and leaderless organization whose members work in unison on the Web to act in protest—has been a prevalent presence online, it’s not often that you encounter them in the good ol’ IRL. Well, not without a Guy Fawkes mask at least. Until now.

Take the opportunity to wander around southwest Portland today and you might encounter paper Anonymous bills posted on telephone poles. Read More

Rose City ‘Til you Die (RCTID)? Meridian makes sure that death won’t be from the lack of chants, beverages, or facilities

The Northwest Major League Soccer fans, they love their technology and their startups. It’s something John Cook of Geekwire in Seattle has mentioned a number of times with regards to the Sounders fans. And the Timbers Army? They’re no different.

In fact, the Portland Timbers are so techie, they offer not one, but two mobile apps now. And the latest instantiation—the Timbers’ JELD-WEN Field in Meridian—offers a ton of interesting and useful information. Read More

REMINDER: API Hackday PDX happens Saturday. You should be there.

I know, I know. It’s been one of those long weeks. You’ve been to OSCON. You showed up to Mobile Portland. You’ve been working on your application to PIE. I hear you. It’s rough.

But still. APIs? Kinda awesome, right? And Mashery and Twilio and LinkedIn and Apigee and SimpleGeo and SendGrid joining Urban Airship and PHP Fog for a hackday? Super awesome. So why aren’t you going? Read More

Making making mobile apps easier: PhoneGap celebrates PhoneGap Day in Portland

If there’s one thing that is obvious about the Portland startup and tech scene, it’s that we’ve got a fair amount of those mobile development and strategy types around here. Building stuff for iOS and Android and MeeGo and a variety of other platforms.

I know. Thank you, Capt Obvious. But did you know that there’s a really interesting way to build native apps on multiple mobile platforms using HTML5 and JavaScript. There is. It’s true. It’s called PhoneGap. And they’re here in Portland celebrating PhoneGap Day and the launch of PhoneGap 1.0 on Friday July 29. Read More

Filling in some more details on PIE

[Editor: Renny Gleeson, who created the initial concept for PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) as well as the vision for its latest iteration, provides a guest post today. His hope is that it clarifies details and answers questions that have been raised about the program.]

While we’ve been building PIE, some questions and answers that have cropped up in one-to-one conversations seemed worthwhile to share with a broader audience. Read More

Looking for licensed music? Portland’s Rumblefish has an API — and more than 4 million licensed tracks in the wild

Portland has always received recognition for its independent and somewhat underground music scene. So it’s no surprise that its music startups take a similar tact.

CD Baby, for example, is largest online distributor of independent music. They’re here in Portland.

Didn’t realize that? Well, here’s another surprise. Portland music startup Rumblefish is making some noise in the music industry, as well. In fact, they’ve just celebrated more than four million downloads of their licensed music—and now there’s an API to make using their tunes even easier. Read More

Reminder: OpenSesame Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday

In case you’ve been too busy soaking up the sun to remember, OpenSesame (@opensesamenow) wants to have you over for lunch on Wednesday.

Not familiar with OpenSesame, the eLearning marketplace startup that won the grand prize at OEN Angel Oregon back in March?

All the more reason to swing by their lunch and get the scoop on what they do, their startup experience so far, any open positions. You know the drill.

Read More

Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business

It’s nice to see a renaissance of sorts in the coverage of business here in the Portland area. For so long, it was a few publications covering the tech scene and the business world. Now, we’ve got publications taking a new perspective on the Portland scene and others preparing to launch.

And if a few folks decide to back it in the next week or so, we could have another one in the mix. A full fledged business magazine that takes a new approach to assessing business: STAKE. Read More

Who’s snapped Instagram photos of where you’re sitting right now? Get an Instalook

If you own an iPhone, it’s highly likely you’ve dabbled with Instagram, the photo app that allows you to quickly snap a shot, apply a filter, and share it with friends. They’ve captured the essence of what people want to do with their phone photos.

What’s more, Intagram offers an API for folks to build cool stuff with their data. No really. One example was Gramfeed from Portland’s Rakshith Krishnappa. Well guess what? He didn’t stop there. Meet Instalook. Read More