Month: January 2012

Meet the Startup: Sitting down with Stayhound

It’s been a busy week for Portland’s PIE startups what with PIE Demo Day and a trip down to Google. But it seemed the perfect time to catch up with Alexis Peterka of Stayhound, one of the startups that just graduated from PIE.

What’s Stayhound? Well, why don’t we let Alexis give you the story? Read More

VendScreen reinvents the vending machine using Android — and lands $12 million in funding

One of the biggest stories to come out of PIE Demo Day, yesterday, was VendScreen securing $12 million in Series A financing.

That’s a huge amount of money for a startup coming out of an incubator. And if you watch VendScreen’s pitch, you’ll understand why. Using the Android operating system to revolutionize a massive—yet technologically stagnant—market is a very big deal. Read More

PIE Demo Day livestream, Tuesday at 2:30 PM PT: Meet Athletepath, Cloudability, DailyPath, MoPix, Revisu, spotsi, Stayhound, and VendScreen

September 1, 2011, doesn’t seem terribly long ago. But a whole crop of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) startups has come into being since then. And now, they’re ready to share their stories with you out there in TV land or livestream land or whatever.

Tune in at 2:30 PM Pacific Time right here to catch the livestream of PIE Demo Day, direct from the sold out Bagdad Theater in Hawthorne. Read More

When one door closes… Geoloqi offers a new tool to help SimpleGeo customers transition

News came this week that Portland’s Urban Airship was simplifying its service offering by incorporating SimpleGeo functionality into its high performance push offerings and shuttering the separate SimpleGeo service. In the interim, they were helping customers transition to new services using Factual as a stop gap.

Well now, another Portland company has stepped up to help in the interim. Geoloqi has released a service to allow folks to import SimpleGeo data into Geoloqi. Read More

Want to see what’s been cooking at PIE? Come to PIE Demo Day, January 17

A little over three months ago, a group of aspiring entrepreneurs joined in an experiment called PIE, the Portland Incubator Experiment. After three months of mucking, mentoring, and molding, these eight startups are prepared to take the stage and launch their companies, on January 17.

And you’re invited join them. Read More

Think Senator Ron Wyden is the only one who thinks SOPA sucks? Think again

Our Senator Ron Wyden is doing his part to stop SOPAthe incredibly inane bill that would cripple the Internet we know and love—but what can you, ordinary concerned citizen do?

Well, you can change your Twitter avatar to reflect your Stop SOPA leanings, for one thing. Read More

Could have foretold this one: Portland Seed Fund alum 4-Tell snags $1 million round

And the hits just keep on coming.

Fast on the heels of Portland Seed Fund alum Vizify closing a round, PSF alum 4-Tell announced today that they had closed a $1 million round. Erik Siemers at the Portland Business Journal broke the news. Read More

PDC allocates more funding for the Portland Seed Fund

Good news for all of you startups who applied for the Portland Seed Fund. The PSF now has more funding for, um, funding.

According to The Oregonian, the Portland Development Commission has allocated an additional $200,000 in funding for the PSF. Read More

GadgetTrak CameraTrace: From side project to new product

Sometimes, side projects become startups. But what happens when a startup has an interesting side project?

That’s what happened to Ken Westin and his company GadgetTrak. The result? Their latest product, CameraTrace. Read More

Send me an Angel: Interested in investing? OEN Angel Oregon would love to chat with you

It’s been an amazing run for Portland startups over the last few months. And that activity has raised the visibility for the town, the entrepreneurs, and the investors.

It’s also got a lot of folks asking, “How do I get involved?” and “How can I invest?” Well, if you’re asking those questions, you’re in luck. Because Angel Oregon offers an interesting way to get engaged with the startup scene. Read More

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