Month: July 2012

Cloudability’s day in the sun: Portland company lands $8.7 million in funding

[Full disclosure: Cloudability went through PIE. I work at PIE.]

Yesterday, Portland’s Cloudability announced $8.7 million in Series A financing, led by Foundry Group. And it got quite a bit of pickup—as you’ll see below—drawing attention to both the company and the whole Portland startup scene. Read More

The Force is strong with this one: Portland’s Sprintly lands a who’s who Jedi Council of investors and advisors

The Portland startup scene always likes it when known entities choose to call our city home for their newest endeavors. So was the case when Joe Stump—of Digg and SimpleGeo fame—announced he was relocating to Portland and bringing his new effort, Sprintly, along. Read More

Meta overload: Fred Armisen of Portlandia talks Portland with David Letterman

Given that Portlandia is Portland navel gazing at its best, it only seemed appropriate that we go super ultra meta and share Portlandia’s Fred Armisen chatting with David Letterman about Portlandia and Portland, itself. Read More

Joining Geeks on a Train? Mark Silva explains why you should stay for the GROW Conference

[Editor: Geeks on Train is heading from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver, BC, and it’s dragging a whole cast of characters along for the ride. But some folks have been wondering if they should attend the event that lies at the end of the trip, the GROW Conference. Mark Silva, SVP Emerging Platforms at Anthem Worldwide, provides a little inspiration for your staying on to attend GROW.] Read More

Mapping a better future: Ecotrust opens Madrona decision tool to the public

Granted, Ecotrust isn’t exactly a startup. But this app release was too interesting to pass up.

Today, Ecotrust opened public access to Madrona, a flexible set of software tools to assist in decision support and spatial planning with an eye toward the environment. Read More

New partnerships have Urban Airship getting even more gamey

You’ve built one of the leading platforms for enabling push notifications on smartphones. Where do you go next? Well, if you’re Portland’s Urban Airship, you look for creative opportunities to use that technology to improve experiences. And gaming seems like a perfect venue to do just that. Read More

What’s the big idea? IdeaMensch swings by Portland as part of nationwide summer road trip

Lots of events designed to expand your thinking and encourage you to get going lately. Last weekend, Portland hosted the World Domination Summit. Tonight, IdeaMensch—a blog which features interviews with leading thinkers—comes through town as part of its summer road trip. Read More

What are you doing this weekend? That’s right. Completing your Portland Seed Fund application.

It’s that time of year. The sun is out. Birds are singing. Blues musicians are playing on the waterfront. And you? You don’t get to see any of that. Because you have to finish your Portland Seed Fund application, procrastinator pants. Read More

Some folks set off fireworks on July 4th. Apple releases a bunch of exploding iPhone apps, instead. Including PDX Bus.

If you use PDX Bus on your iPhone and you updated it via the App Store on July 3 or yesterday while you were waiting for festivities to start, you might want to go ahead and try to update it again. Read More

Mentoring the mentors: Advice and inspiration for startup mentors

Last year around the time PIE was starting, David Cohen, cofounder of TechStars, shared the TechStars Mentor Manifesto. And it served as an inspiration for me. A post by Micah Baldwin, a TechStars mentor who now heads up Graphicly, provided a similar nudge for me. Read More

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