Month: April 2013

Put a little bit of Portland on stage in Seattle: Chirpify, Elemental, Urban Airship vie for GeekWire Awards

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a good natured rivalry with our friends at GeekWire. Emerald City vs Rose City, Sounders vs Timbers… you get the drift. And I can’t think of any better way to stir things up than to put a few Portland companies on stage during their GeekWire Awards ceremony, next week. Read More

Puppies, runners, and widgets win big at Portland Startup Weekend

This last weekend, over 100 developers, designers, and marketing/biz dev folks skipped a rare slice of sun to hunker down in the bowels of the PSU Business Accelerator and see what they were capable of creating in a 54-hour marathon. Read More

Portland a potential place for PivotDesk participants

It’s a well known fact that in Portland, we love our coffee shop working. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a desk to use. In an office. And for offices, sometimes it’s nice to have some new people in the space. That’s where TechStars alum PivotDesk comes in. Read More

REMINDER: Tonight's Happy Hour is brought to you by TechStars Seattle

It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? Trust me. I hear you. And that’s why I wanted to remind you about something I told you long, long ago. On Monday. Seems like a distant memory, doesn’t it? Well, don’t forget that TechStars Seattle is hosting a happy hour tonight, April 26, at the Nike+ Accelerator powered by TechStars. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the blah blah on Blab

I don’t know that it’s been officially tallied, but my straw poll says that Portland is the regional office capital of the US. But we love all of our startups, headquarters or offices. And so we thought we’d talk the opportunity to chat with Blab. Read More

Fo shizzle: Chirpify adds Snoop Dogg… err Lion and $2 million in Series A

That crew at Chirpify just keeps rolling. In addition to a growing “A list” of celebrities using the platform—Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne are among the latest—they’ve convinced Voyager Capital to double down, raising a $2 million series A round. Read More

The week has barely started and you've already got Friday happy hour plans with TechStars Seattle

I know, I know. It’s only Monday morning. Which seems a little early to be talking about Friday afternoon happy hour. Or maybe it’s the ideal time. Either way. Read More

REMINDER: ProductCamp Portland happens Saturday… and there are still a few spots left

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Portland loves its camps. Camp camp campity camp. And much like coffee shops and brew pubs on every corner, those camps happen for a reason: people like them and they use them. And if you’re into product management, we’ve got just the camp for you. Read More

Portland Seed Fund alum Brandlive walks away with the OEN Angel Oregon win

The annual OEN Angel Oregon competition was held yesterday. A bunch of promising companies pitched to the crowd. But when the dust settled, it was one of the tech companies that walked away the winner, BrandLive. Read More

The Build is teh awesome: Instrument's immersive and interactive documentary is something to behold

You would think that all of the Web stuff had been done. Or that even new stuff would be less than jaw dropping. But then there are things like “Snow Fall.” Or this most recent effort from Portland’s Instrument entitled “The Build.” Read More

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