Month: April 2013

REMINDER: Signalfy launch party at Holocene, Wednesday evening *cough* open bar *cough*

It’s always nice when new startups come to town. It’s even nicer when they offer to buy you a drink. And that’s what’s happening Wednesday, April 17, at the Signalfy launch party. Read More

REMINDER: Chirpify hosts Portland Lunch 2.0, tomorrow

I know you probably just finished eating and lunch is probably the last thing on your mind. But I wanted to remind you that Chirpify will hosting Portland Lunch 2.0, Wednesday April 17 at noon. Read More

Celebrating the life of Igal @igalko Koshevoy, April 21

As was his ongoing wont and skill, Igal Koshevoy will once again be bringing the Portland startup, open source, and tech communities together. To celebrate his life of making connections, building community, and creating incredible tools to help foster those communities. Read More

In memoriam, Igal @igalko Koshevoy

I’m incredibly sad to report that the Portland open source and startup scene has lost an amazing contributor, a crux of our community, and an incredible person. Igal Koshevoy is no longer with us. Read More

Meet the Startup: Illuminating the Pacific Light Technologies story

At Meet the Startup, we’ve always had the idea that the show could expand beyond the amazing Web and Mobile startups here in town to other awesome startups. No matter what their focus. This week, we expand our coverage a bit—but still stay within tech—by chatting with Pacific Light Technologies. Read More

You're going to need a bigger tree: Treehouse secures $7 million in funding, led by Kaplan Ventures

When we heard that Ryan Carson and the Treehouse crew were calling Portland home, last year around this time, that was pretty big news. Well, now they’ve got even bigger news. To the tune of $7 million. Read More

Apologies and postmortem for Silicon Florist downtime this morning

You know how those awesome Web services always do some sort of statement or postmortem after their sites are down? It’s awesome, right? And insightful. Read More

Turn around, bright eyes: Businessweek notes Portland tech scene is going gangbusters

Portlanders tend to have a little trouble tooting their own horns. Or hyping what’s happening. Which is fine. It gives me something to do in my spare time. But it’s also nice to see other people doing it for us. Especially when it’s an entity like Businessweek. Read More

Interested in talking tech? Consider proposing a talk for Ignite TAO. But hurry, procrastinator pants.

It’s a well-known—but relatively undocumented—fact that Portland is home to more procrastinators per capita than any city in the world. In fact, it could well be the de facto hub of procrastination. Read More

REMINDER: Mission Demolicious is tonight, Portland

Don’t forget that tonight will be the restart of Demolicious Portland, beginning at 5PM at the Mission Theater. Read More

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