Month: February 2014

Open for business: Open source ecommerce startup Sellvana allows access to private alpha

[Editor’s note: Remember when I used to post on early stage startups more often? Get ready to be happy.] Portland has long been known for its open source efforts. But not so much as a hotbed of ecommerce. That, however, may be changing. Especially if new open source ecommerce startup Sellvana gets their way. Read More

Championing equality: Urban Airship hosts happy hour in support of marriage equality

It’s no secret that we like to brag about the “livability” of Portland. And how our way of life is a huge attraction for folks moving to town. But fact of the matter is, it’s not as good as it could be. Diversity and equality are still huge hurdles for us to overcome. But now, we have the opportunity to remove one of those hurdles by voting for marriage equality. And Urban Airship is looking to help. Read More

Startup Camp PDX: Encouraging the next generation of Portland startups

[Editor’s note: This February 21-23, Portland high schools Catlin Gabel School, Lincoln High School, and Oregon Episcopal School will take part in Startup Camp PDX, an opportunity for students to “join together to launch products that just might change the world.” This guest post shares the inspiration behind the project.] Read More

Portland snow brings with it a modern day air raid siren on smartphones… and of course a new meme

Okay. Okay. We get it. Portlanders like to freak out about the weather. Especially winter weather. But this one was a bit of a doozy. And as usual, it became a messy mix of snow and ice rather quickly. Portland does that whole messy weather thing exceptionally well. The snow. The freezing rain. Read More

Former FlightStats folks launch new Portland startup focused on data visualization, Zat

Yes, yes. That company that provides all of the awesome data on where planes are at any given moment—FlightStats—is a Portland company. And while that’s interesting and all, what’s more interesting to me right now is that a couple folks from that company have carved off a new startup. Introducing Zat. Read More

All together now: Orchestrate opens to the public

Portland startup Orchestrate spent the end of 2013 running a private beta with a number of customers, fine tuning their service—one that takes care of hosting your data thereby replacing the need for companies to deal with the headache of running databases. But in 2014? Well, that beta has come to an end. Orchestrate has opened its doors to the public. Read More