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NedSpace partnership with OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica: A glimmer of things to come?

NedSpace is continuing that momentum, striking up a partnership with industry organizations OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica.

Last summer, many people rejoiced in the fact that the City of Portland had chosen to adopt the Portland Economic Development Strategy. Those of us around here were especially happy that a portion of that Strategy contained the recognition of coworking spaces as a crucial and viable part of Portland’s startup culture.

Among those named in the Strategy, was none other than relative newcomer NedSpace, a coworking space that developed a rapid—and perhaps even rabid—following with the startup crowd. Now, true to form, NedSpace is continuing that momentum, striking up a partnership with industry organizations OEN, SAO, and TechAmerica. Read More

REMINDER: Demo night at Nedspace Old Town grand opening tonight

[HTML2]Just a little reminder that NedSpace will be hosting the grand opening of their second location—NedSpace Old Town—at the space formerly known as Vidoop, tonight beginning at 4 PM. The event—entitled “Hellzapoppin’“—will have free beer thanks to the fine folks at Widmer. And there will be live jazz thanks to Boy and Bean. Can’t beat that on a day like today.

But that’s not all. Tonight’s event will also feature you. Yes, you. If you’re a startup with something to demo. Read More

NedSpace Hellzapoppin’: Celebrate a new Portland coworking space in Old Town, demo your startup project

To celebrate the grand opening of NedSpace Old Town coworking space the folks at NedSpace have decided to throw a little shindig, complete with startup demos and all that jazz. Introducing NedSpace Hellzapoppin’ Demo Night.

[HTML3]If there’s one request I hear more than any other, it’s this: I wish Portland had more events where people could show off the stuff they’re building. To which I always reply, “I hear you. It’s not that people aren’t getting the chance to do that—it’s happening at user groups every week—it’s just that there is no central ‘big event’ where that occurs.”

But that may be changing, this week. You see, to celebrate the grand opening of NedSpace Old Town, the folks at NedSpace have decided to throw a little shindig, complete with startup demos and all that jazz.

Introducing NedSpace Hellzapoppin’ Demo Night. Read More

Wifi, caffeine, and coworking: 10+ Portland coffee shops for meeting up with Portland’s tech types

So where are the best places in Portland Oregon to cowork with coffee wifi and cohorts? Here are ten choices for your coffee shop coworking pleasure, with a couple of bonus suggestions.

[Editor: Thanks for swinging by! Unfortunately, this post is severely out-of-date. But fear not, gentle reader. There’s a new and improved resource for coffee, wifi, and coworking here in Portland, Oregon.]

[HTML1]Admittedly, we in the Portland Web, Mobile, blogging, and startup scene are a bit of a nomadic bunch. Whether finding some place to camp out in between meetings or hunkering down to crank out code for hours on end, folks around these parts are always looking for a good spot to work—preferably with an infusion of caffeine nearby. And sometimes, it’s nice to have some peers around for bouncing ideas or simply just a little company.

So where are the best places in Portland to cowork with coffee, wifi, and cohorts? Here are ten choices for your coffee shop coworking pleasure, with a couple of bonus suggestions of up and coming spots. Read More

Nedspace II: Former Vidoop space in Old Town keeps its startup flare

NedSpace folks are teaming up with eROI—not only a successful Portland startup but also an Old Town landlord—to turn the former Vidoop space above Backspace into another NedSpace workspace.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of NedSpace, the coworking space on SW 3rd that’s full of some of the most business-minded tech entrepreneurs in town. I also like the fact that it’s run by a couple of already successful entrepreneurs as a way to give back to the community. And as if that’s not enough, NedSpace serves as the home of the Portland Ten, the startup bootcamp designed to whip would-be entrepreneurs into shape.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s a fan. The NedSpace concept is popular. So popular, in fact, that they’ve run out of room. Read More

CubeSpace: Resurrection?

While it’s not exactly clear what’s happening, CubeSpace—the local co-working space that has served as the communal campfire for the Portland tech community—is hinting at a potential last minute rescue. “Not dead yet,” said the CubeSpace folks via their Twitter account. “Having serious conversations re:@CubeSpacePDX return!” Read More

Save CubeSpace: Rounding up the conversations while we wait for more details [Updated]

As last week drew to a close, the Portland tech community was rallying to help the de facto hub of our community, CubeSpace.

The fervent out-welling of emotion and support continued throughout the weekend—even resulting in coverage from traditional mainstream media.

While there isn’t a great to deal more to report at this point—and Eva and David are understandably choosing to remain silent until a decision has been made—I’ve been getting a number of emails, IMs, and tweets about the issue. So I thought I’d round up what I could. Read More

Change your workspace to Nedspace by June 1, change someone’s life

You became an entrepreneur—or went out on your own—to help change people’s lives. To build something incredible. To give your life purpose. To do that, maybe you’re working out of your house. Or a coffee shop. Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to work.

What if you could do some of that life-changing work simply by choosing to park yourself and your machine at a particular coworking space in town? To put it another way, what if you could help people simply by doing what you’re already doing?

Now you can. Read More

Our favorite Portland coworking spaces get some love from The Oregonian

Coworking in The OregonianIt’s no secret that I started Silicon Florist to highlight some of the “under the RADAR” stories that might not garner coverage from traditional local publications.

So, when the mainstream pubs around town cover the stories I’d like to cover—and cover them before I do—it makes me ridiculously happy.

Today’s case in point: coworking spaces in Portland:

Several vintage Portland buildings have been renovated recently, blurring the line between co-working and traditional offices. Small creative entrepreneurs have office doors, but they share common areas and, sometimes, business.

Among the folks mentioned are some of our favorite coworking spaces in town.

Like who?

Well, CubeSpace, for one:

CubeSpace hosts evening events, including tech clubs and Beer & Blog gatherings. Schweber and Kominsky sometimes sweep through at 9:15 — quarter-past quitting time — and urge the crowd to move to a bar.

Souk for another:

When Julie Duryea opened Souk 2 1/2 years ago, cafes were the only choice for most freelancing Portlanders. She couldn’t find many co-working spaces beyond New York and London.

Now, her Old Town operation hosts an eclectic crowd: a footwear and apparel consultant, a strategic planner, a retail designer. Plus, Souk has company in the Portland market.

And up-and-coming Nedspace:

They recruit tenants through online networking, word of mouth and a startup event they hosted last month. Early residents are developing iPhone applications, an online rental payment service, board games, interactive music content and more. Some have started companies; others are first-timers.

If you haven’t checked out these coworking spaces, you should. Not only are they do they provide an amazing resource to our startup community, they serve as the warm little hub around which many of us gather.

And their continued willingness to support our events—often pro bono—is without a doubt a key to the burgeoning startup community with which we find ourselves enamoured.

For more, see The Oregonian article “Co-working: a room not of their own” by Laura Oppenheimer.