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Meet the Startup: Spending some time with Sell Simply

What if you could buy and sell with a tweet? That’s the question that Sell Simply is trying to answer. The service—which launched late last year—has gone through some tweaks and rebuilding to make the service even easier to use.

Now, folks can use Twitter as an engine for transactions without even visiting the site. Sound interesting? Well, spend a few minutes listening to Chris Teso describe the project. Read More

Four years and seven hours ago… Silicon Florist is four

Four years ago, Portland had some interesting startups going. Nothing compared to today. But there were interesting side projects and burgeoning companies.

Only no one was really covering them. Or tracking them. Or much paying attention. So I decided to do just that. And to cheerlead a little. To use my experience with marketing and promotion to cast some limelight. To give entrepreneurs that extra push they might need to spend another hour cranking code. Or to simply spend a few more minutes bringing their ideas and dreams to fruition. Read More

Being more critical of the Northwest tech scene: All Things Critical takes off the rose colored glasses

For some, the picture being painted of the Rose City startup and tech scene is a just a little too Utopian. They purport that maybe, just maybe, the Northwest startup scene isn’t so much a world of rainbows and unicorns. And they would like to see some more objective assessment and criticism of what’s happening.

Enter All Things Critical, the latest online effort from Robert Wagner of Portland Sucks and Cascadia FM fame. Read More

The dream of OpenID is alive in Portland: Janrain lands $15.5 million in funding

If you don’t know the story of Janrain, you should. It’s a story of perseverance, constant tweaking, and now a chunk of cash to help it grow and expand. You see, Janrain has just secured $15.5 million, making it one of the biggest startup wins in Portland in quite a while. Read More

Meet the Startup: Chatting about startups and accounting with Perkins & Co.

What’s one of the scariest things about starting a company? Quitting the day job? Nope. Managing to build an awesome product? Not really. Finding customers? Close. For many, the scariest thing happens to be accounting. And managing the books.

Go on. Admit it. It scares you to death having to deal with that stuff. But it doesn’t have to. David Uslan of Perkins & Co. tells you why as he talks about startups and accounting. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for July 2011

Well, summer didn’t exactly come blazing into Portland. But the startup news around these parts was still pretty hot. And we had OSCON in town. And some very interesting conversations started.

So let’s take a look at Silicon Florist for July 2011. Here are the stories you and your peers were reading according to RSS and Web traffic. Read More

Procrastinators rejoice: Google joins PIE so PIE extends its application deadline and drops the founder math

As you may have heard, PIE (the Portland Incubator Experiment) has revised its format and is now accepting applications for new startups to come join the space. [Full disclosure: PIE is my day job.] You may have also heard that part of the new PIE is the fact that startups get mentors from Wieden+Kennedy, awesome tech and startup mentors, and mentors from some well known brands like Target, Coca-Cola, and Nike. Read More

Filling in some more details on PIE

[Editor: Renny Gleeson, who created the initial concept for PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) as well as the vision for its latest iteration, provides a guest post today. His hope is that it clarifies details and answers questions that have been raised about the program.]

While we’ve been building PIE, some questions and answers that have cropped up in one-to-one conversations seemed worthwhile to share with a broader audience. Read More

Looking for licensed music? Portland’s Rumblefish has an API — and more than 4 million licensed tracks in the wild

Portland has always received recognition for its independent and somewhat underground music scene. So it’s no surprise that its music startups take a similar tact.

CD Baby, for example, is largest online distributor of independent music. They’re here in Portland.

Didn’t realize that? Well, here’s another surprise. Portland music startup Rumblefish is making some noise in the music industry, as well. In fact, they’ve just celebrated more than four million downloads of their licensed music—and now there’s an API to make using their tunes even easier. Read More

Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business

It’s nice to see a renaissance of sorts in the coverage of business here in the Portland area. For so long, it was a few publications covering the tech scene and the business world. Now, we’ve got publications taking a new perspective on the Portland scene and others preparing to launch.

And if a few folks decide to back it in the next week or so, we could have another one in the mix. A full fledged business magazine that takes a new approach to assessing business: STAKE. Read More

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