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How you too can be a media whore: GadgetTrak’s Ken Westin shares his secrets for hacking the press

If there’s one startup in Portland that continues to pile up impressive media coverage—especially coverage by traditional outlets which don’t usually cover startups—it’s GadgetTrak. And there’s a reason.

You see, CEO Ken Westin has made hacking the media and press and art form. It’s become his best way of ensuring that his product gets in front of more customers. Read More

Bet they have a sweet CRM for lead management now too: AppFog hires former exec to head biz dev

Seems to be a lot of in the Portland area as of late. First, Urban Airship took an investment from Now, AppFog is taking an executive from

Meet John Higgins the new vice president of business development at AppFog. Read More

Guess what you haven’t done yet, procrastinator? That’s right. Applied to the SXSW Accelerator for startups

Oh the SXSW Accelerator. That’s right. Your startup was going to apply for that. But you’ve got plenty of time. I mean, you know. The application is only due FRIDAY.

So why don’t you get on that? Like right now. Read More

Portland’s next mayor: A tale of the social network tape

So the Portland mayoral race is starting to move into the next phase, with the candidates coming off of the first formal debate, this week.

Having candidates debating always leads me to wonder… How are those conversations happening online? And what sort of sway do Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales, and Jefferson Smith hold in terms of social networks? Read More

What startup has 20 people in Portland and $15 million in funding? New Relic. And they’re hiring.

We love it when it when Portland companies get funding. But I’ve got to tell you… we’re pretty happy when companies with Portland offices get funding, too.

And that’s just what happened with New Relic—a San Francisco based company with an office of 20 in Portland—who just landed $15 million in funding. And part of that, no doubt, will be used for hiring more folks in Portland. Read More

Mike is your friend: University of Oregon alum and former MySpace CEO starts startup incubator

When it comes to Eugene these days, most people think football. But if Oregon alum Mike Jones has his way, successful startups may soon be part of the University of Oregon folklore, as well. Read More

Want to move your app to the Cloud? Got five minutes?

Sometimes, changing the way you do things can be a bit intimidating. It happens. It’s cool. But we’ve got to get you over that hump, kiddo.

What about moving your apps to the Cloud? What’s holding you back? Seems like it’s a lot of work, right? Not so much. As Portland-based AppFog shows, you could be running on the Cloud in less than five minutes. Read More

What’s happening at Portland State Business Accelerator? Join them for an open house on Wednesday to find out

When it comes to accelerators and incubators in the Portland area, one of the most well established—but perhaps best kept secret—is the Portland State Business Accelerator, an accelerator established by Portland State University. Read More

Meet the Startup: Comparing notes with Revisu

Designers spend thousands of dollars on software and thousands of hours developing beautiful pieces of work. But then they have to rely on thousands of emails and thousands of file revisions to finish their projects.

Revisu thought there had to be a better way. For both the designer and the client. Read More

If you’re looking for a new gig, it’s Elemental, dear Watson: 10 open jobs at Portland startup Elemental Technologies

If you’re looking for a job with an up-and-coming Portland startup, Elemental Technologies is a really good place to start your search.

The company—which is working to revolutionize video streaming—is also doing a whole ton of hiring. I mean, they’ve got 10 positions open on the Silicon Florist job board, alone. Read More

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