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Code monkeys rejoice: Geek music icon Jonathan Coulton swings by Portland

When it comes to geeks making music, few people are more recognizable than Jonathan Coulton. And he’s got quite a range. Thing a Week broke new ground in music distribution, “Code Monkey” has become an anthem for an entire generation of developers, and his rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” could be considered a pop masterpiece. Read More

CD Baby and Rumblefish: Two great Portland companies that taste… err sound great together

It’s always nice to see Portland companies partnering up with other Portland companies. Especially when it’s the kind of news that extends beyond Portland itself.

That’s what happened today, when Portland’s CD Baby and Rumblefish announced they were partnering to bring CD Baby’s catalog of independent music to the Rumblefish licensing platform. Read More

Think your YouTube video rivals Mad Men or 30 Rock? Well, your soundtrack can, at least. Thanks to Rumblefish.

If there’s one Portland startup that’s quietly having a substantial impact on the music scene, it’s Rumblefish. You might not hear much about them. But when you do, it’s usually something big.

Today is no different. You see, Rumblefish has just signed a deal with APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, the world’s largest production music library. That means, your YouTube video can have the same soundtrack as Hollywood productions. Read More

Looking for licensed music? Portland’s Rumblefish has an API — and more than 4 million licensed tracks in the wild

Portland has always received recognition for its independent and somewhat underground music scene. So it’s no surprise that its music startups take a similar tact.

CD Baby, for example, is largest online distributor of independent music. They’re here in Portland.

Didn’t realize that? Well, here’s another surprise. Portland music startup Rumblefish is making some noise in the music industry, as well. In fact, they’ve just celebrated more than four million downloads of their licensed music—and now there’s an API to make using their tunes even easier. Read More

Portland Startup Weekend valedictorian Mugasha opens sliced and diced DJ sets to everyone

[HTML3]I’ve been following and listening to Portland-based Mugasha—a service that gives you access to an impressive collection of streaming electronica DJ sets sliced into manageable chunks—since its humble beginnings at Portland Startup Weekend in May 2008. (I’ve got Myon and Shane 54 going as we speak.) Since then, they’ve been covered by Scoble (although the Qik video looks like it’s gone now), got some love when they launched their private beta, and were selected for the SXSW 2009 Accelerator program. But I haven’t been able to really gush about them until now. Read More

Looking for music recommendations? Strands recommends you look somewhere else

It’s official. One of the businesses that helped Strands get started MyStrands music is no longer part of the offering. Strands put the final nail in the MyStrands music service, today.

When the economy gets tough, tough companies know they have to focus to survive. And unfortunately for my music recommendation dreams, Corvallis-based Strands has decided to do just that.

It’s official. One of the businesses that helped Strands get started—MyStrands music—is no longer part of the offering. Strands put the final nail in the MyStrands music service, today. Read More