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Buy local: Portland Development Commission encourages city government to consider homegrown technology

Portland is known for buying local. Almost ridiculously so. Isn’t that right, Colin? So it only stands to reason that our technology purchases should follow similar suit. Which is exactly what the Portland Development Commission is proposing to the City of Portland. Read More

Field notes from the most diverse tech conference on the planet

[Editor: This kicks off a series of on-going guest posts from Katherine Krajnak, who works on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Portland Development Commission.]

“If you’re building a social tech company and you aren’t paying attention to Black women, you’re stupid.” Read More

Last day of May will be cloudy: Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services chief evangelist, stops by Portland on Friday

Spring is a good time for road trips. And that’s just what Jeff Barr—Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services—has been doing for the past few weeks. Roadtripping from town to town. Chatting about AWS. On Friday, he stops in Portland. Read More

Startup PDX: Challenge reveals first crop of startups selected for Produce Row coworking space

Portland now has six new startups on the block. Literally. The Portland Development Commission has revealed the winners of its first ever Startup PDX: Challenge. Read More

Free is a very good price: Startup PDX: Challenge offers free rent and more to selected startups … but you have to hurry

When you’re trying to build a startup, every dollar counts. So what if you could land some cool office space and free services for your company? That would be huge, right? Well, you can if you’re selected for Startup PDX: Challenge. Read More

Catching up with a smattering of awesome Portland startups

You know me. I like to focus on the tech startups. And every once in awhile, a Kickstarter project that has some tangential tech angle.

But those aren’t the only awesome startups in Portland. Oh no, my friend. There’s a whole bunch of interesting startup activity in the Rose City. Read More

PDC allocates more funding for the Portland Seed Fund

Good news for all of you startups who applied for the Portland Seed Fund. The PSF now has more funding for, um, funding.

According to The Oregonian, the Portland Development Commission has allocated an additional $200,000 in funding for the PSF. Read More

PDC, SAO, OEN… Yahtzee! Local organizations celebrate Portland startups and entrepreneurs

There’s something interesting happening in the Portland startup scene. Um. Well duh. That’s about the most platitudinal tripe I could have thrown out there. Who am I talking to? You know that. You see it day in and day out.

But, unfortunately, not everyone does. And that’s why an alphabet soup of organizations—the Portland Development Commission (PDC), the Software Association of Oregon (SAO), and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)—are co-hosting a gathering to celebrate startups, this Thursday. Read More

Sad irony: Portland Development Commission (PDC) forced to reduce staff including Gerald Baugh, the Software Cluster lead

If you’ve been even remotely involved in the Portland software scene over the past 18 months or so, you’ve no doubt encountered PDX11, the work of the Portland Development Commission (PDC), or efforts surrounding the “Portland Software Cluster,” an initiative designed to help the businesses and workers in Portland focus on economic pursuits in which it already excels—for the benefit of everyone. Read More

Checking in on Portland Ten and its drive to incubate 10 $1 million Portland startups by October 2010

The Portland Ten started in early 2009 with a very ambitious goal: Incubating 10 $1 million startups by 2010. Was that goal insurmountable or achievable?

We’ve all heard the criticism about early stage funding for Portland startups. But one of the most noticeable gaps—and less talked about problems—in our startup culture is the lack of mentors and expert guidance for young startups. We simply don’t seem to have enough veterans with enough successful exits… yet. But many people are actively working to resolve that issue.

One group that’s trying to fix that problem—and provide startups with the mentorship and structure they need—is the Portland Ten led by Carolynn Duncan. The Portland Ten started in early 2009 with a very ambitious goal: Incubating 10 $1 million startups by 2010. Was that goal insurmountable or achievable? Read More

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