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Want to see what a startup incubator demo day is like? 500 Startups gives you a seat at the show

For all the incubators and accelerators popping up, one of the most interesting has to be Dave McClure‘s 500 Startups. Part startup accelerator, part seed fund. The vision for 500 Startups is change the way that startups and investors collaborate and interact—to the benefit of both groups.

And now, you can get a little glimpse into what one of those 500 Startups demo days is like. Read More

Startup Weekend Portland IV launches 11 new startup ideas

Startup Weekend Portland IV was, without a doubt, the largest Startup Weekend gathering Portland has seen—and perhaps the most diverse. With a good chunk of development talent, some really nice gender parity, a bunch of people from out of town, and, of course, a ton of energy and some very creative ideas.

But when the dust settled, it was two of the 11 Startup Weekend ideas that judges chose to win: AudioName and MyReplayLive. Read More

Portland 100: Taking the next step in solidifying the Portland startup community

Come hear the plans for the Portland 100 and the Portland startup scene. Join Gerald Baugh of the PDC and Nitin Khanna as they take you through the thinking behind the Portland 100, Wednesday, April 6 beginning at 5 PM at Puppet Labs.

In many ways, the Portland startup community is still in its infancy. Sure. We’ve had successes here and there. But the framework and structure that is part and parcel of larger startup towns like Seattle and the Bay Area are still somewhat nascent around here.

So we’ve got to build some of those support mechanisms from scratch. But we also needed companies that were ready to take the next step. Well, we’re getting there. And the Portland 100 is the next logical step. Read More

There’s no such thing as bad press: Portland startups featured by Time Magazine, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Jimmy Fallon

Well, well, it’s been quite the big media week for our little burg, this week. All because a few Portland startups are getting the recognition they so richly deserve by national media. Better yet, it’s traditional media. Which has far broader reach than the usual tech echo chamber.

So who made the news this week? Well, Spotlight Mobile‘s Meridian, RDTN.org, Urban Airship, and Twitalyzer, to name a few. Read More

Pitch Club: You’re not your khakis… I mean, unless your startup is about khakis

Yes, friends, it’s that time again. Pitch Club is imminent. As in this Thursday.

And yes—before you ask—you have to pitch. But I know you can do it. You’ve got a great idea or product or prototype or whatever. And you need to practice talking about it. Sorry but you do. So steel your resolve, gird your loins, and get your ass to PIE on Thursday. Read More

Portland could have the best cloud based startup… if you vote for PHP Fog

PHP Fog is quietly coming into its own on the Portland startup scene. They’ve secured nearly $2 million in funding, they’ve graduated from PIE to new office space, and they’re continuing to improve their offering.

But, fact of the matter is, they’re still a bit of an unknown. But you could help change that. You see, PHP Fog is currently in the running for a CloudCamp Cloudy Award and your vote could help give them the win. But you have to hurry it looks like voting has closed. Read More

Why I broke up with Portland to build my startup… and why we’re back together

[Editor: It’s been a while since we’ve had a guest post from Darius Monsef, founder of COLOURlovers (one of the first Portland Web startups I started following here on Silicon Florist). Want to hear more from Darius? Swing by PIE on Tuesday afternoon.]

She was a dream city with everything I hoped for. I was willing to work long hours and scrape by on the leanest of incomes to make things work. I tried again and again… but ended up having to abandon her to find real opportunities in new cities. On my journey I travelled to the mystical land of Startups. I saw over the wall into the secret garden and I’ve returned home to share what I’ve learned… and to be happily together with PDX again. Read More

If Portland is truly going to foster the startup scene, user groups are a critical component

Nearly four years ago when I started this little blog, one of the huge motivating factors for doing so was Portland’s vibrant user group community. In a town of geekery, openness, collaboration, and collegial interactions, the user groups—be they language focused or discipline focused—are perfectly suited for the way we tinker, the way we work, and the way we create.

Ironically enough, user groups are also underserved. They seem to be doing well enough on their own. They’re grassroots by nature. They just keep going and going without much help. But if we are truly going to foster the Portland startup scene, we must find ways to strengthen the user group community. Read More

Freelance curious? Peat Bakke wants to share his insights on freelancing as a developer

You know me. I like the startups. And while those startups can sometimes have the potential to be big ol’ companies, sometimes a tech startup can be a one person venture. When? When it’s a startup that is a single developer moving into the realm of freelancing.

But where to start? What to do? What the hell? Well, local freelance developer Peat Bakke has some answers. And he’d like to share his insights. I mean, if you’re interested and stuff. Read More

Startup America Partnership: Obama administration plans to support entrepreneurs and accelerate startup activity

Unfortunately, ARRA efforts didn’t seem to focus much on entrepreneurs or the startup scene. Until now. Yesterday, Obama introduced the Startup America Partnership.

When President Barack Obama took office, one of his first challenges was the United States economy and its veritable freefall. To an effort to slow that downward spiral, he signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), a program designed to fund—and you would have heard this term 10,000 times by now—“shovel ready” projects that could help bolster the US economy.

For many—myopically disposed or not—the tech startup scene seemed to hold hold any number of said projects with the potential to positively effect both job creation and wealth creation. Unfortunately, government efforts didn’t seem to focus much on that aspect of the economy. Until now. Yesterday, Obama introduced the Startup America Partnership. Read More

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