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From "looking good" to "looking even better": Vizify pretties up your online profile even more

Portland’s Vizify—an alum of Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle—already made your online profile a lot more compelling with their first release. (I mean, look, even I appear to be somewhat interesting.) But they’re not stopping there. They’re bound and determined to make you look as awesome as possible—with very little effort on your part. Read More

Meet the Startup: Vizify shares their vision

It’s not often you get the chance to chat with that a startup that has surfed two accelerator programs simultaneously. But then again, this is Portland. We do things a little differently. And Vizify? They think a little differently about how you present yourself online. Read More

REMINDER: Portland Quantified Self show and tell features Vizify and Geoloqi

I’m more than happy to report that Portland Quantified Self crew is starting to gather more steam. And given its appropriately geeky and open sourcey bent, I see no signs of that subsiding. Which honestly? Is a good thing. Read More

You, only better looking: Vizify and Path.to chat about reinventing your job search

Remember when you signed up for LinkedIn? That moment of promise? That idea that you’d suddenly have something far better than HotJobs and Monster for representing your skill set the next time you went job hunting?

Okay, granted. That didn’t really pan out. But times—and technology—have changed. And now there’s a whole new crop of companies hoping to make your online profile and your online job searches better than ever. Read More

Lookin’ good: Vizify reinvents the way you see yourself on the Web

It’s the summer of the big reveal. First Simple starts rolling out debit cards to people who have been patiently waiting and now TechStars and Portland Seed Fund alum Vizify has launched the public version of their eagerly awaited product. Read More

Portland side projects Gramfeed and Vizify Tweetsheet get a little love from CNN

If you look really closely at a recent CNN post entitled “50 new tech tools you should know about,” you’ll see a little glimmer of Portland in there. No, not there. Right there.

Yep, Portland’s Gramfeed gets a mention. And Vizify gets a nod in that list of 50 for their work on Tweetsheet. Right there among the likes of Card Munch, Hipmunk, and Path, to name a few. Read More

Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle alum Vizify lands $1.2 million

The funding environment for Portland startups ended the year on a strong note. And now it’s beginning on a strong note as well.

TechCrunch is reporting that Vizify—a Portland startup that did parallel accelerator stints at Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle—has landed $1.2 million in funding. Read More

Meet the Startup: Meet a whole bunch of Portland Seed Fund startups

Usually, Meet the Startup introduces you to one startup. This week? You’re getting a whole bunch. Because last week, we attended the Demo Day for the Portland Seed Fund. And we’re sharing our highlight reel from the event with you.

So grap a cup of coffee and take a few moments to get a quick look at the eight new Portland startups that launched from Portland Seed Fund. Read More

Visualize your Twitter stream with Vizify… and then demolish it with an angry bird

On any given day, thousands of people spend thousands of hours pouring their hearts out in 140 characters or less. All thanks to Twitter.

But have you ever wondered how your time tweeting is really spent? Well, Portland-based Vizify can answer that question with a visualization of your Twitter stream. Read More

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