Month: October 2012

It's Halloween. What better day to bring Portland Lunch 2.0 and Portland on Fire back from the dead?

So I’ve been feeling a little disconnected lately. And I’m not alone. The Portland startup scene has grown quite a bit in the past few years. New people have moved to town. New startups have sprung up. Existing startups have gotten bigger. Read More

Have your cake and eat it too: 20% of Wired's "San Francisco tech companies you wished you worked for" have Portland offices

Yes, yes. We all know that the Bay Area is the be all and end all of startup awesomeness. And that there are any number of drool worthy companies down there. Companies that any one of us would give an arm and leg for which to work. But what about poor little Portland? Wait. What’s that? You can stay here and work for those companies? Read More

Rabble rousing: Cubox acquired by New Context lean software consultancy

From the better late than never files… here’s a story I’ve been meaning to cover. But haven’t. Evan Henshaw-Plath, often better known as @Rabble, has sold his startup Cubox to New Context, a lean software consultancy that counts lean startup guru Eric Ries among its partners. Read More

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than YouTube comments. But Comment Haiku changes that.

If you’ve ever spent any time on YouTube, you’ve likely had the displeasure partaking in YouTube comments, a veritable haven for trolls and massacring the English language. But what if you took that fire hose of venom and found a way to make it into art? Comment Haiku does exactly that. Read More

Take your Halloween costume and iPhone for a spin. And win.

SpinCam—the app that allows you to easily capture 360 degree panoramic images with your iPhone or iPad—is getting in the Halloween spirit. And you stand to benefit.

The folks at Spot Metrix, creators of SpinCam, are inviting you to spin your Halloween costume for the chance to win. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting up to speed with PivotPlanet

Finding mentors isn’t always easy. But PivotPlanet is working to change that, helping people find mentorship and advice when and where they need it—an hour at a time. Meet the Startup caught up with the Upstart Labs alum to hear more about the service. Read More

How is Portland poised to lead design-driven startups?

[Editor: PIE alum KS12 has been working on a piece called “Early Stage,” which has drawn some amazing responses on Quora. I’m sharing Meridian‘s VP of Marketing and Business Development Jeff Hardison‘s response in toto.] Read More

Going out to eat this weekend? Save yourself the runaround with TablesUp

Portland’s brunch villages aside, most folks hate having to wait for a table at restaurants. And most restaurants are less than tech savvy. But TablesUp is hoping to solve both those issues. Read More

From "looking good" to "looking even better": Vizify pretties up your online profile even more

Portland’s Vizify—an alum of Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle—already made your online profile a lot more compelling with their first release. (I mean, look, even I appear to be somewhat interesting.) But they’re not stopping there. They’re bound and determined to make you look as awesome as possible—with very little effort on your part. Read More

How to build a startup community: Brad Feld on the "Boulder Thesis"

If you’ve been following tech news lately, you’ve probably come across Brad Feld‘s latest book, Startup Communities, a treatise on what it takes to build a sustainable startup community. The book revolves around this concept Brad calls the “Boulder Thesis.” Read More

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