Month: October 2012

Portland's slice of Global Entrepreneurship Week is stacking up to be amazing

If there is one thing that entrepreneurs get on a regular basis, it’s challenged. Be it building a business, finding customers, or having family constantly asking why they don’t have a real job, most startup types are in a constant state of defending their actions. Read More

Meet the Startup: Dialing up Celly

For a social application to be truly social, it has to be accessible to all kinds of folks—not just owners of the latest smart phone. That’s what makes Celly shine. With a low barrier to entry and any number of ways to use the service, this Portland startup has managed to make building small curated social networks drop dead simple. Read More

A picture is worth a thousand words, but an Instagram photo is worth a thousand bucks

Startups often get critiqued for being one-trick ponies. They launch an impressive single-point solution but don’t have the vision to extend their offering. So when they clear that hurdle, it’s a big deal. And Portland-based Chirpify just cleared that hurdle in spectacular fashion. Read More

REMINDER: Windows curious? Get the lowdown on Windows 8 at Mobile Portland

From the better late than never files, a last minute reminder for Mobile Portland, tonight, Monday, October 22. So why not come in out of the rain and spend a little time getting up to speed on Windows 8 and what it means to the world of mobile? Read More

Insightful comments on federal entrepreneurial policy from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show

The New York Times recently caught a snippet from The Daily Show a few weeks back, where host Jon Stewart proposed some ideas that could positively impact startups and entrepreneurs across the country. Read More

What, exactly, is an entrepreneur? Well, it takes one to know one

It seems that these days, practically everyone wants to be part of a startup. Wants to be an entrepreneur. But to be honest. It takes a rare breed. With a good dose of insanity. So what does it take to make that leap? Let’s hear from the folks who have made that jump. Read More

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with Geoloqi's views on the Portland startup scene

I love it when serendipity occurs. Yesterday, we heard the news that Geoloqi—the Portland startup that’s making it easier for developers to add geolocation services to their applications—has been acquired. And today is Ada Lovelace Day. Read More

Bigger isn't always better: Tiny Startup Camp, November 10-11

In the world of tech startups, there’s always been a push to grow bigger, faster, stronger. To take that entrepreneurial dream of the few and turn it into the wealth of the many. And there are any number of resources that have popped up to help those startups achieve those goals. Read More

In Portland? CTO? Meet your peers for beers. Or another beverage of your choice.

Now I don’t want this to be taken as a last minute “oh you’re a CTO; you probably have a rather sparse social calendar” invite. But… Tuesday, October 16, a new, regularly scheduled gathering of Portland CTOs has been proposed: Portland CTO Forum. Read More

Geoloqi acquired by Esri

Portland-based Geoloqi, a startup that focused on providing geolocation services to enable other applications, has been acquired by Esri, a company that seeks to enable “people to positively impact the future through a deeper, geographic understanding of the changing world around them.” Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read More

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