Month: May 2013

Hang out with Darya and Kevin Rose in Portland, this Saturday

Still looking for something to do this weekend? Well, I mean, I know you have tonight covered and Monday covered. But what about Saturday? Well, get ready to be happy. Read More

Party of the decade: WordPress turns 10 and you're invited to celebrate with them

Portland will always take the chance to celebrate. But the tenth anniversary of WordPress? That’s a better excuse than usual.

I’m a huge fan of WordPress. And I know I’m not alone. Read More

Cover by Cover: Auctioning album cover inspired artwork to put tech in a Portland school

Startups are pretty cool. Music is pretty cool. Art is definitely cool. But what happens if you put all of those things together to create something cooler? That’s just what Portland design shop The Brigade has done with an art exhibition to bring tech to a Portland elementary school. Read More

Want to be illustrious with Adobe Illustrator? Treehouse can help with that

Treehouse has been on a tear lately. Following on news of recent funding, they’ve now launched an education channel dedicated completely to getting the most out of Adobe Illustrator. Read More

Playing a different tune: Portland's Orchestrate lands a $3 million seed round

Portland just got a little cloudier. Orchestrate—a startup that has a new take on how to distribute resources for cloud computing—has landed a $3 million seed round, led by True Ventures. Read More

Finding their way to Aruba: Portland startup Meridian acquired by Aruba Networks

Another Portland company has had a successful exit—and that also means another successful exit for the Oregon Angel Fund. Indoor mapping startup Meridian has been acquired by Aruba Networks. And it will remain in Portland as a wholly owned subsidiary. Read More

Betting on Bitcoin: Gliph uses its anonymous transaction technology to tap into the Bitcoin market

Portland startup and Portland Seed Fund alum Gliph has been an interesting and compelling cloaking device that’s been searching for just the right application of their technology. And they just found it: the nebulous and still relatively nascent world of Bitcoin. Read More

Fly the Google skies: Urban Airship partners with Alaska Air to showcase Google Wallet API

Ah spring. With a faint hint of Google I/O in the Portland air. Why? Well, while most of the Google I/O activity is taking place down in San Francisco, some of it is taking place right over our heads, with Urban Airship and Alaska Air. Read More

Hello Again: Beck and Chris Milk project lands two Webbys with the help of a Portland's 360Heros

Portlanders tend to do a really good job of staying behind the scenes on some pretty amazing projects. Case in point: Hello Again, a project created by Chris Milk and Beck that just won a Webby for “Best Use of Video or Moving Image” and “Auto & Auto Services.” Read More

The other side of the Google Glass: Jeff Hardison from Meridian gets interviewed by Robert Scoble

Okay okay. Setting the Google Glass link bait headline aside, Jeff Hardison of Portland-based Meridian—a company that’s reinventing the way we find our way around interior spaces—sat down with Robert Scoble to chat about what Meridian is building. Read More

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